10 Best Season 4 Characters, According To Reddit


Since season 4 of stranger things has come to an end, and as viewers eagerly await the next and final season of Netflix’s beloved eldritch horror, they’ve taken to Reddit to discuss the latest storylines, character arcs, and hilarious subtitles. suitable for the series.

Redditors discuss their favorite characters from each season and find that Season 4 is the hardest to call. With an incredible cast and crew that uses every member’s potential, the final season of stranger things is an assortment of Emmy-worthy performances. Whether the characters lived to see Season 5 or were shot in their prime, Redditors still considered them some of the best Season 4 had to offer.



Great storytelling is never complete without a terrifying villain, and Jamie Campbell Bower’s performance as the main antagonist in Season 4 doesn’t let fans down, as his ability to essentially play different characters throughout the season. he story is very impressive.

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Similar to the empathy towards Thanos’ ideals in Avengers: Infinity War Reddit users like Lord Bailmonster believe that “VecnaDidNothingWrong” with his plan to save nature from being spoiled by mankind. This intense season revealed an incredible revelation that Vecna ​​/ Henry / 001 has always been the villain as the puppeteer behind the Mind Flayer and the last formidable enemy that brings stranger things full circle.

Dmitri “Enzo” Antonov

Season 4 introduced many new characters for fans to love and hate. While the mysterious “Enzo” started out as a morally gray and corrupt prison guard, he quickly became Hopper’s brother-in-arms and beloved character. While not everyone enjoyed this subplot, Redditors do like LilyMarie90 believe that Dmitry Antonov “single-handedly kept the Russian intrigue from dragging on”.

The complex character connects to Hopper on many levels; as a father, as a soldier and as an outcast. Separated from his family and his nation, Antonov is a sympathetic character with an unfinished story and many fans like jjackson25 hopes to see “the victorious hero” have a happy ending by reuniting with his family in Hawkins with his son joining the Party to “participate in the s5 shenanigans”.

Nancy Wheeler

Nancy’s character evolved throughout the show from a normal teenager with boyish issues to a hardened soldier. She is a female role model whose character development for Rule1799 is akin to Sarah Connor from The Terminator franchise as they both “turn into badass warriors” with his showdown against Vecna ​​being his “most badass scene in the entire series”.

While fans think Nancy has grown up, others like Just-Truth-5980 aren’t interested in Nancy’s emotional “back and forth” between Steve and Jonathan. The love triangle hurts each character’s development and has no real consequences in Season 4.

Dustin Henderson

A fan-favorite character since Season 1, Dustin Henderson should “never change.” Many editors like Answer_sufficient13 name this funny and incredibly smart youngster as the “common favorite in all seasons”. He has great chemistry with every character he interacts with and adorably brings out the aura of Steve and Eddie’s older brother to take him under their wings.

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Actor Gaten Matarazzo was applauded by Redditors as CapNitro who deemed Dustin Emmy-worthy “for that scene with Eddie’s uncle.” It’s a beautiful moment praising a beautiful friendship allowing the audience to see the wide range of Matarazzo’s skills and the maturity Dustin has reached.


For many viewers, El continually ranks as one of the most beloved characters throughout the seasons. But, a lot of the Season 4 characters gave it its money’s worth. Still, El is a big part of the show’s heart, and it’s had plenty of interesting and emotionally resonant moments this season.

Editors love sooyoungee-the-cat loved her Season 4 storyline and applauded Eleven for not “going down the ‘I forgive’ route” and “breaking free from Brenner” during one of Season 4’s most heartbreaking exchanges. She will clearly center stage in Season 5, but Season 4 saw a lot of growth for El.

Lucas Sinclair

Despite being a main character for three seasons, Lucas never really got his time to shine. However, Caleb McLaughlin’s superb acting in Season 4 changed the minds of many Redditors such as bluecontrol1234who previously found the character “arrogant and annoying”, while in this season Lucas “shows himself to be unwaveringly loyal and compassionate”.

As pointed out KevVoyagesin previous seasons, Lucas served as “comic backup” but was “a BOSS” with his “emotional intelligence and vulnerability” in Season 4. His connection to Max was a key part of the larger storyline, and McLaughlin has easily proved his ability to carry that emotional weight on his shoulders.

Jim Hopper

Hopper is a fan-favorite recurring character with remarkable backstories and relationships that deepen over the seasons. With emotional monologues and incredible fight scenes, the character is tested but still has the ability to make the characters and fans laugh. However, some viewers like 8mouse believe Hopper’s Russian storyline was “this season’s weak point” with too much dedicated screen time.

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On the other hand, some fans like Matbo2210 believe “it doesn’t get any better than” watching Hopper fight a Demogorgon with a “fuckin’ fancy sword.” Hopper’s relationship with Eleven is also a show highlight for most viewers, so the wider fandom will likely be thrilled to reunite them in Season 5 after almost an entire season apart.

Murray Baumann

Murray’s status as a top character has slowly risen over the seasons and he’s since proven to be more than just hilarious, he’s also capable and incredibly smart. Many Redditors like poptartwith found themselves surprised that Murray became their favorite character in Season 4. Since Season 2, Murray has been “refreshing to watch” as he injects humor into all of his scenes with his “adorable charisma.”

His newfound karate talent is not only entertaining and fun to watch, it’s also crucial to the storyline and also develops Murray’s character from smarts to action. While the Hopper/Joyce/Murray arc in season 4 has been criticized, some users like Dense-Dot8079 even think that Murray “made the Russian scenario tolerable”.

Max Mayfield

Incredibly different from the confident character of the past two seasons, Max experiences depression and isolation after Billy’s death, which leads to her becoming one of Vecna’s targets. While its addition since stranger things season 2 created some brilliant friendships and relationships, some viewers weren’t a fan of the character until season 4’s incredible in-depth character arc.

However, countless Redditors like Huhthat’s weird432 I believe Sadie Sink has done “PHENOMENAL this season” leading to great disappointment when several stranger things the actors didn’t get the Emmy nominations they deserved. While many fans are happy that Max didn’t meet the same fate as other Vecna ​​victims, some Redditors like Hibana_Ooh_Nana “I really believe that Max should have died”. While this would heighten the tension and elevate Eleven’s heartbroken quest for revenge, it’s too soon to lose such a beloved character who showed Eleven how to be herself.

Eddie Munson

One of Season 4’s most quickly beloved characters was Eddie, a D&D lover, and Redditors everywhere such as BalkeElvinstienare “crazy” stranger things “killed the most likable character 3 seasons in a row”. Actor Joseph Quinn has deservedly been given ‘major props’ by many, including 6BOTfor bringing “a level of charisma to the role that made it iconic”, especially when Eddie “shreds the guitar” in Upside Down.

Regardless of his impact on the show, as is the case with many great minor characters, he was brutally killed off. However, he died choosing to be a hero and give his friends more time to defeat Vecna. Although the villain lives on, Eddie’s sacrifice will be remembered for a long time.

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