10 things about Derek Hale that have aged badly


Although he is seen as an antagonist at the start of Teen wolf, Derek Hale is popular with viewers. He might not be the mentor Scott needs, but he still plays a vital role in the show. Derek has such a large internal development that he physically evolves into a full-fledged wolf during Teen wolf Season 4.

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Derek offers endless entertainment in terms of humor, but he has characteristics that are not as desirable as they are described. After taking a closer look at his personality and his treatment of others, there are many aspects of Derek’s character that wouldn’t fly today.


Derek handling his pack

Isaac Erica and Derek recruit Boyd in Season 2 of Teen Wolf

Most alphas aren’t as compassionate as Scott McCall. Derek thinks his pack lives to serve him, rather than the other way around. The number is powerful, so Derek looks for Isaac, Erica, and Boyd to get stronger.

All three students went through deep emotional distress and he uses their trauma to profit from it. They feel indebted to Derek for giving them the bite and therefore follow him out of blind loyalty. He convinces his pack that the bite is a gift, even if it ultimately leads to the deaths of Boyd and Erica.

The way Derek treats Stiles

Although fans are fond of their relationship in Teen wolf, Derek’s mistreatment of Stiles hasn’t aged well. Stiles may sting the bear with his sarcastic comments, but he shouldn’t have to worry about being physically berated.

Derek constantly threatens Stiles and injures him more than once. While he never deals serious damage, he shouldn’t take it out on him at all. In retrospect, Stiles is a fifteen-year-old high school student bullied by a werewolf in his mid-twenties.

Derek’s anger issues

Derek’s anger issues are initially described as a joke, but they got nasty over time. To be fair, many aspects of Teen wolf must be taken with a grain of salt due to the supernatural element of the series. Werewolves find it difficult to control their temper, which is understandable due to their animal nature.

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However, Derek’s rage makes him particularly deadly, and Scott is proof that anger can be controlled. Derek has massive character development and ends up becoming a wolf in his own right, but his actions in the first few seasons are inexcusable.

Derek kiss with Erica

Derek and Erica kiss in Teen Wolf.

Derek and Erica’s makeup scene is just as tasteless today as it was when the series first aired. Considering that Derek is in his mid-twenties and Erica is underage, there should never have been a sexual component to their relationship.

Derek ends up pushing Erica away, but he gives in for too long. Despite his young age, Derek initiates a flirtation between them to convince Erica to join his pack. Everything about Derek’s method is inappropriate, as it makes him both manipulative and predatory.

Derek’s obsession with power

Derek’s obsession with power might make him a more interesting protagonist than Scott in Teen wolf, but that doesn’t make him a role model. He cares more about having control than the well-being of his own pack, and that alone highlights a significant distinction between Derek and Scott.

However, no one is perfect and mistakes are necessary for growth to be possible. Derek’s character arc is one of self-discovery, and he’s slowly evolving into someone he’s proud of. When he leaves the show at the end of the fourth season, Derek has come to value people rather than power.

Derek kicks Isaac

Derek watches Isaac in his loft in Teen Wolf

Derek’s heart might have been in the right place, but his methods leave a lot of room for improvement. While he thinks he is protecting Isaac by chasing him out of the loft, Isaac is only in danger because of the life that Derek presents to him.

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Rather than being honest about their current situation, Derek is launching their beta with a weak explanation. He throws a drink at Isaac’s head, which triggers memories of his abusive father and ensures that he leaves. Scott and Melissa accept Isaac with open arms, but Derek’s rejection leaves Isaac feeling abandoned again.

Derek’s violent tendencies

Although violence is not the answer in everyday life, the characters in Teen wolf live another reality. The McCall Pack is constantly forced to fight supernatural threats and learn self-defense tactics.

The series is action-packed and full of physical werewolves fighting, but Derek takes it to the extreme. He resorts to violence even when it is not necessary and lashes out at those he claims to care about. Stiles might be Derek’s usual punching bag, but no one bores him is off limits.

Derek refuses to help Scott

Derek talks to Scott in Teen Wolf.

Scott manages to become the best leader in Teen wolf, despite not having a good teacher. He reaches out to Liam and takes him under his wing, which Derek should have done for Scott in the pilot episode. Derek is not responsible for Scott’s transition, but he knows the terror the teen is going through.

His constant annoyance with Scott portrays Derek in a bad light, even though he’s written to be a dark and brooding character. Scott goes out of his way to help others but has to fight Derek just to learn the truth about himself.

Derek’s relationship with Kate

Teen Wolf Kate and Derek

Kate is one of the most power-hungry werewolf hunters ever Teen wolfSo it’s no surprise that Derek’s relationship with her is a disaster. Their romance takes place before the show’s pilot, preventing viewers from seeing the toxicity for themselves.

However, Kate uses a spell to turn Derek into a teenager in Teen wolf Season 4, and she uses her feelings to take advantage of him. Kate emotionally manipulates Derek and they even kiss despite his current age. Kate is the grown-up and the offender, but this whole plot is questionable at best.

Derek becomes a teenager

Derek standing next to Isaac and Erica in Teen Wolf.

It’s bad enough manipulating someone into accepting the bite, but Derek lashes out at teenagers who are emotionally vulnerable. Isaac, Erica, and Boyd shouldn’t have had a choice, and their young age becomes even more apparent when Erica mentions that she doesn’t have a driver’s license.

Turning into a werewolf is no small feat, and neither of the teenagers is in the right space to fully understand what it all means. Derek uses this to his advantage and treats his pack like servants rather than family.

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