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Series that become video games or vice versa do not always land. Sometimes they fail and no amount of success from its original format can change that. The Walking Dead didn’t become that kind of franchise though. This has helped to change the game when it comes to the post-apocalyptic horror landscape. The franchise has grown from a hit comic book (which you should definitely read if you haven’t) to a TV series that has spawned spinoffs, as well as games. If you want to insert yourself into a world of grotesque zombies, then The Walking Dead games will absolutely scratch that itch. And if you play Telltale games, you will be more than satisfied with the emotional journey.

How many games have come out of the franchise? 14 in all (if you count The Walking Dead Telltale Definitive Series then 15). So which games are worth checking out? Keep reading to find out.

The Walking Dead: Season 1

Lee and Clementine in The Walking Dead: Season 1
(Revealing Games)

You guessed it, I’m talking about the Telltale games. This game grabs your heart and tears it apart at the very end. It’s also set in the same universe as the comics, which is a fun little touch. This season follows Lee Everett, a college professor and convicted felon who rescues a little girl named Clementine, who is desperately trying to find her parents. Having the focus on a sweet/emotional black man and a girl of color is a terrific portrayal. And it goes to show that Robert Kirkman (co-creator of The Walking Dead comics) worked with Telltale during development. The journey you take as Lee Everett is intense, and rather than being an action game, it’s about character development. And the way Lee becomes a surrogate parent for Clementine is precious. This game definitely packs a punch in the end. There’s something special about episodic role-playing games. They are an experience.

The Walking Dead: Season 2

Clementine and a walker in The Walking Dead season 2 game
(Revealing Games)

This game has the same gameplay as its predecessor, but it focuses on Clementine as the protagonist. After Clementine traumatically loses Lee and realizes that both of her parents are dead, she ventures out with other survivors. The overall storytelling of this game is not as rich as the first season. But it explores a lot of characters and gives Clementine choices an 11-year-old shouldn’t have to make. Unfortunately, in an unforgiving post-apocalyptic landscape, you are forced to grow up. It’s something that registers strongly throughout this game. Essentially, Clementine finds herself taking responsibility for another child. It’s not something unusual in our own world, which is part of what makes these games so raw and impactful.

The Walking Dead: Michonne

michonne in The Walking Dead: Michonne game
(Revealing Games)

It’s the perfect game for anyone interested in Michonne as a character – it shows what she was up to during her brief departure from Rick and his band in the comics. It takes place between issues 126 and 139 and while the gameplay isn’t perfect, it’s a nice exploration of Michonne’s character.

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

clementine and javi in ​​the game The Walking: A New Frontier
(Revealing Games)

There is a bit of a decline with this season as the episodes are much shorter. And it’s a little dizzying that Clementine isn’t the main focus. Ultimately, it’s not a bad game and it still makes the list, though. This game follows Javi (Jeff Schine), a new character who is on a mission to save his family from the New Frontier militia. Javi and Clémentine must team up to find their respective families. While trying to survive. Javi as the protagonist isn’t a bad choice, but he doesn’t necessarily surpass Clementine. Either way, there are a lot of emotional choices to be made throughout this game. Like the previous two games. And there’s a bit of love drama if you’re into that sort of thing.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season

violet kissing clementine in The Walking Dead: The Final Season
(Telltale Games and Skybound Games)

This is my second favorite of all The Walking Dead Revealing games. Clementine and AJ’s (Tayla Parx) combined journey is so beautiful and tragic. And throughout the game, Clementine is faced with choices about how to handle AJ. Meanwhile, AJ is forced to make dire choices that will change his life in the future. This game takes place 7 years after the first game, making Clem older and wiser. And end up finding refuge in a former boarding school run by teenagers. From there, Clementine and AJ experience a lot of chaos, a newfound love (Clementine and Violet for the win), and Clementine is confronted by someone from her past. The story is wonderful and depicts the power of a found family. And as corny as it sounds, the power of all kinds of love.

Here are the rest of The Walking Dead games if you were wondering about them. Including The Walking Dead: Michonne Telltale Games mini-series.

  • The Walking Dead: Left Behind
  • The Walking Dead: Self Esteem
  • The Walking Dead: Assault
  • The Walking Dead: On the Road to Survival
  • The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land
  • The Undead’s Survival Instinct
  • The Walking Dead Overkill’s The Walking Dead
  • The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners
  • The Onslaught of the Living Dead
  • The Walking Dead: Last Mile (free via Facebook Gaming)

(featured image: Telltale Games)

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