6 reasons why playing classic games on your smartphone is beneficial


There is a common perception that time spent playing smartphone games is a waste, but did you know that classic games stimulate the brain, providing tangible benefits in real life as well? Benefits of smartphone games include:

  • Development of problem solving skills
  • Healthy brain stimulation
  • Stress relief

Studies confirm that the benefits of video games outweigh the negative perceptions. If so, shouldn’t smartphone gaming be viewed the same way? Let’s see the reasons why it’s perfectly fine to grab your phone and play some casual games.

1. Cognitive development

A well-known benefit of online games is the cognitive development that games encourage their players. When you play online games, you have the chance to gain deep learning experience, the skills an employer is looking for. Playing games online is often seen as a type of lazy entertainment, with more and more parents worrying that their children would rather play video games than play outside. However, video games actually promote a myriad of cognitive skills. What are the mobile games that increase cognitive abilities?

Many other mobile games can improve critical thinking skills. Surely most of you can relate to being lost in your cell phones for hours; playing games can be tricky. Some say smartphones combined with the internet are dangerous. However, studies show that playing games on your smartphone improves mental health.

2. Improve social skills

The stereotype of the gamer as a socially awkward person is already outdated. Most smartphone users thrive both online and offline, with a community that strongly encourages social interaction. Players really have better social skills. Research involving teenagers has found that those who play video games are likely to have excellent social skills, get better grades, and form better relationships with other students.

Children can mainly improve their social and intellectual skills, according to research. Young children who play a lot of video games are likely to socialize better than non-gamers. Interactive games can be used to teach children about history, increase their vocabulary, and challenge them to set and achieve goals. This is a good thing because it will improve their ability to work in a team.

3. Problem-solving skills

Players are likely to develop problem-solving skills. Multi-level games, like complex puzzles, take several hours to solve. Sometimes the solution varies depending on your thinking and actions. Learning to think strategically is a valuable skill that can be transferred to the real world. Young children who play strategy-based games develop problem-solving skills; therefore, inclined to get better grades in school.

T the next time you see your child playing mobile or video games, don’t snatch the phone from their hands. Online games enhance people’s creativity and social skills.

4. Improved vision

Spending 10 hours in front of the screen or sitting too close to it is not recommended, but video games can improve vision. Studies involving students have shown that gamers can see objects more clearly in cluttered spaces. They can train their brain to see more minor details, and we all know how important details are. Improving visual visibility is a crucial task for reading or driving at night, studies show. People with this feature are able to discern even the most subtle changes in color shades.

The game also improves other skills, such as the ability to track other objects simultaneously or pay attention to many fast-moving objects. Many aspects of the visual structure are improved, not just one. Playing video games could one day be part of vision correction treatment, which many people will rely on, especially those dependent on corrective lenses or surgery.

5. Smartphone games can inspire you to be more persistent

When it comes to the benefits of video games, people have a lot to say. Reviews are mixed, but there are a lot of positive reviews than you might think, actually. So, before you decide to trust the first negative source about online games, you should know that these games can make a gamer more persistent in achieving their life goals. Many people achieve success in life after years of playing smartphones or video games, learning to take risks and overcome life’s challenges.

Some people are afraid to try new things, especially if they seem difficult. But when playing smartphone games, the challenges don’t seem so daunting. If you don’t step out of your comfort zone, chances are you’ll never gain confidence or problem-solving skills. You can train through smartphone games. In a game, you have a safe place where you can do whatever you want. You can mess it all up and start all over again. It’s not like the real thing where you have to face the real costs of your actions. In games, you can do the things you’re most afraid of. Playing games online is a great way to improve self-confidence and bring more willpower into your life.

6. You will learn to be more patient.

Modern technology has taught people to become more independent and to reward themselves for what they do. Some people have levels that take months to complete. This exercise will make you work hard to achieve your goals and nothing is impossible if you have the patience to do it. You can motivate yourself by rewarding yourself after completing a game level and applying the same rule in real life.

Before you assume that online games can’t benefit you at all, give them a try. You’ll be surprised how much fun you’ll have while improving your brain function. Find the games that interest you the most and start practicing.


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