After-school club in Hollinwood is an ‘oasis of fun’, says Ofsted


An after-school club at a primary school in Oldham was branded an ‘oasis of fun’ where children ‘can’t contain their excitement’ in a recent Ofsted report.

The education watchdog visited the Beehive Club at St Margaret’s Primary School on Hive Street, Hollinwood, on September 30, where it found the quality and standards of provision were “upheld”.

The ‘met’ rating differs from the Ofsted ratings which are issued to other educational establishments, but this is because after-school and holiday care establishments do not need to be noted on their learning and development standards.

However, the Beehive Club, which looks after 37 children aged 3 to 11, was highly praised by the inspection for nurturing the youngsters and improving their education and development beyond the expectations of an after-school club. .

Inspector Luke Heaney wrote: “As soon as the children enter the club, they are warmly welcomed by the staff.

“Kids can’t contain their excitement to share school achievements with staff, like math challenges.”

Mr Heaney found that staff were supportive of the children in their care and handled their social and emotional development “exceptionally well”.

The report describes the after-school club as “high quality” and “vibrant” as the environment “buzzes with laughter and excitement from children” during play.

“The Beehive Club is an oasis of pleasure,” the report noted.

Children further show their “excellent concentration skills” by playing games such as air hockey and snooker, while their muscle development is supported by outdoor activities such as obstacle course and cycling, a he added.

Managers and staff were also hailed in the report as being “very experienced” and “dedicated” and working like “one big family”.

The manager in particular, who leads the club with ‘an absolute belief’ that young people thrive through play, has been celebrated by other staff for his support.

Meanwhile, parents said the staff went ‘beyond the way’ for them and their children.

The club’s play program is based on play research that shows children are able to learn in fun and innovative ways while simultaneously instilling a love of exercise.

Healthy eating and good hygiene practices were also highlighted in the report, with children talking about keeping their hearts healthy and reporting other good practices such as dental hygiene.

The protection and safety of children is paramount at the club, as the inspector found recruitment and vetting to be “robust” and supervision to be “vigilant”.

St Margaret’s Primary School has been approached for comment.


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