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Interior Minister Bledi Çuçi told the national integration council conference that for the department he leads, the fight against organized crime remains a priority.

“Creating a secure environment guarantees economic and social development,” he said.

Also, one of the priorities of the Interior Ministry, Çuçi said, is the fight against narcotics cultivation and trafficking.

“With regard to the EC recommendation on the trafficking of firearms which are used and trafficked by Albanian criminal groups mainly in neighboring countries, we have worked a lot with the approximation of legislation and the use of the system international firearms monitoring agency. We have passed 3 important laws for the control of small arms and light weapons”, said the Minister in his report.

The Minister also spoke about new agreements in the exchange of data in the field against organized crime.

“Agreement with Europol for granting access to the electronic system, the Customs Administration of Albania, which was signed in January 2021, in
in November 2021 is extended and gives access to BKH’s SPAK. Soon this access will be allowed to tax investigation authorities. For joint operations I want to mention two of the most successful with Europol, Dobra and Los Blancos with measurable and tangible results for the suppression of criminal groups“, Çuçi said.


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