Altalin – Emotionally intelligent, AI-based corporate communication and reward system


NEW YORK, USA, August 21, 2022 / — Altalin – Emotionally intelligent, AI-based corporate communication and reward system

Collaborate in an emotionally intelligent way
Effective collaboration and communication is about understanding people on an emotional level. In many cases, when it comes to internal communications, employees are treated not as people, but as cogs in a machine.

Altalin seeks to address this issue by infusing automated internal memos, updates, and trainings with emotional intelligence and engaging rewards.

A business communication app designed to engage, not enrage
Altalin is a workplace improvement app designed to make work more engaging and enjoyable for call center and customer service employees. This eliminates the frustration of receiving work updates that seem irrelevant or too impersonal.

The revolutionary Altalin app also stimulates increased productivity through the use of emotionally satisfying rewards.

Altatlin uses an advanced AI engine to study employee behavior, paying particular attention to what motivates them. The AI ​​model algorithms were developed by Altalin’s in-house team of AI engineers and are designed specifically to analyze customer service employees. The app inspires people to work efficiently and diligently by sending daily messages, training prompts, and rewards.

With Altatlin, you can easily increase the impact of your internal corporate communications, making your staff happier and better trained.

Solve the problem of distance learning
Since the onset of the global pandemic, more and more people are working remotely, especially customer service and call center staff.

Working from home makes it difficult for managers to communicate effectively with employees. It can be difficult to ensure that updated policies or information about new procedures are received and understood correctly.

Altatlin helps by encouraging engagement in corporate communications through emotionally intelligent language and a rewards system.
Improve customer service with improved communication skills
Frontline employees may lack the skills they need to communicate effectively with customers, leading to high staff turnover and low staff and customer satisfaction.

Altalin is helping to remedy this by sending daily personalized skills development messages to frontline employees based on the personality profiles built by the AI ​​engine. He communicates with people as individuals rather than assuming everyone thinks and acts the same.

In other words, Altalin takes an emotionally intelligent approach to corporate communications, which improves customer relationships and satisfaction. In this way, the application acts as a catalyst for Agile learning and enhances training and skill development.
Altalin – one app for all customer service providers
Altalin is aimed at any company or organization that provides customer services, such as telecommunications, finance, insurance, government departments, etc.

One of the main advantages of Altalin is that it is multilingual. The app is available in a variety of different global languages ​​and dialects, which means it can be used in large companies operating in a variety of locations with a diverse workforce.
To find out how Altalin can help you improve your staff skills, agile learning and customer satisfaction, go to today.

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