Associate Professor Gianni Renda makes history as the first medical technology designer to be awarded a Researcher in Industry (REDI) Exchange and Development Fellowship


The Head of the Department of Architectural and Industrial Design, Associate Professor Gianni Renda, has been awarded a Researcher Development and Exchange Fellowship within Industry (REDI) in partnership with Swinburne and its industry partner IDE Group, a consulting firm design and engineering consultants working in medical technology, including diagnostics, drug delivery, respiratory care, radiology, radiotherapy, surgical tools and equipment, portable therapeutic and diagnostic monitoring devices.

This is the first time that a REDI grant has been awarded to a medical technology developer. Associate Professor Renda has spent many years investigating ways in which design can empower the user in the field of health, disability and aging. Its REDI Fellowship award recognizes the important role that design plays in the use, adoption and discontinuation of medical devices; whether it is an insulin pen used by an elderly diabetic or a specialized surgical tool by a highly trained doctor.

As part of the fellowship, Associate Professor Renda will undertake a 12-month project with IDE Group. IDE Group’s mission is to improve lives. Their interdisciplinary team specializes in finding solutions to complex problems and helping partners successfully manage intellectual property issues and the journey to market. Working with Eudaemon Technologies, Associate Professor Renda will help graduate designers understand how to best engage in the field of medical device development and how to integrate user-centered design practices into a heavily regulated industry.

Associate Professor Renda says this project is key to creating a better future. “The project will equip design graduates with knowledge and exposure to systems in a context of design-driven innovation,” he said.

“This type of design process enables designers to contribute more meaningfully and comprehensively to the medical device industry and further advance the medical technology sectors in Victoria and Australia.”

Group Director, Connected Care, IDE Group Andrea Ranzoni says IDE Group is proud to support Associate Professor Renda and the REDI Fellowship Program to help create a training program for future entrepreneurs in the Medtech space.

“Through this program, our associate professor, Renda, will be able to articulate the importance and benefits of operating within a quality management system, with a focus on how to integrate user-centered design principles in the early stages of medical device development. »

The REDI Fellowship Program is part of MTPConnect’s $32 million Researcher Development and Exchange Initiative (REDI), funded by the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF). The REDI Fellowship Program provides financial support to companies in the medical technology, biotechnology and pharmaceutical (MTP) sector to bring in-house MTP researchers, clinicians and professionals for up to 12 months to work on priority medical research projects.


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