Audit Finds 500,000 Acres In Lamu County Seized


A land audit ordered by President Uhuru Kenyatta found that 500,000 acres of public land were seized in Lamu County between 2011 and 2012. The land, which accounts for nearly 70% of Lamu’s land, was illegally allocated to 22 private entities.

According to the president, most of the seized land is in the LAPSSET corridor where Kenya, in partnership with Uganda, Ethiopia and South Sudan, plans to set up a port and an oil pipeline.

“The land was strategically seized for speculation targeting Lapsset. 13 of the 21 berths in Lamu port have been awarded to lessees. The Lamu Special Economic Zone was awarded to private companies during the same period, ”the president said.

President Uhuru ordered that title deeds to the land in question be revoked, the land possessed and those involved prosecuted.

Companies that took over Lamu County land

1. Brick Investments Limited, LR No. 29110, obtained 40,014 acres

2. Brick Investments Limited LR No. 29113 obtained 40,014 acres

3. Rusken International Limited LR No. 2911 obtained 40,014 acres

4. Mat International LR No. 29115 obtained 40,014 acres

5. Witu Nyangoro (DA) Company LR No. 29274 obtained 0.79, 534 acres

6. Witu LR Conservative Self-Help Group No. 281448 obtained 54,201 acres

7. Shanghai Investment Limited LR No. 29247 obtained 19,760 acres

8. Fincorp Investments (K) Limited LR No. 29246 obtained 41,990

9. Kaab Investments LR No. 29322 obtained 6,268 acres

10. Sheila Ranch Limited LR No. 29254 has 5,399 acres

11. Dynamic Trading Co. Limited LR No. 29067 obtained 22,230 acres

12. Savannah Fresh Fruits Exports LR No. 29067 secured 24,502 acres

13. Mokowe Kibokoni Ranch Limited LR No. 29256 obtained 6,725 acres

14. The community of Panda Nguo Boni obtained 12,350 acres

15. Baragoni Boni Community LR No. 2927 has 19,760 acres

16. Khalrala Ranch LR 29255 has 12,276 acres

17. Cyberdom Investments LR No. 29322 obtained 11,000

18. Baragoni Ranch

19. Enganani Ranch

20. Lamu Investments

21. Amu Ranch

22. Maalim Ranch

Business owners who grabbed land in Lamu County

1. Investments in brick

Registered on 12/9/2011. N ° CPR / 2011/62444. The directors are Alice Masaa and Margaret Kavulani with 1 share each

2. Brick Investment Limited

Registered 8/5/2011. N ° CPR / 2011/53032. The directors are Lars Jonas Geke and Timothy Kuria with 500 shares each.

3. Dynamic trading company

Registered 9/9/2011. N ° CPR / 2011/55975. The directors are Alice Masaa and Margaret Kavulani with 1 share each.

4. Mat International

Registered 03/15/99. No. C. 84842. The directors are Twalib Ali Mohamed Hatayan with 620 shares and Abdicated Hagi Yarrow with 380 shares.

5. Shanghai Africa Investment Limited

Registered on 4/11/2013. N ° CPR / 2013/121805. The directors are John Gitu Kiarie, Peter Njiru, Peter Mwangi, Daniel Mwangi, Simon Wanjohi, Burton Maina, Michael Kariuki and Jeremiah Gikonyo.

6. Fincorp Investments Limited

Registered on 6/08/2011. N ° CPR / 2011/54278. The directors are Farouk Hamid Khamis and Said Abdullah with 500 shares each.

7. Kaab Investments Limited

Registered on 12/10/2007. No. C. 145956. The directors are Zein Mohammed Ahmed with 32,400 shares, Aweys Ahmed with 21,600 shares, James Mwangi Muturi with 12,000 shares and Balwinder Kaur Sagoo with 54,000 shares.

8. Dynamic trading company limited

Registered 03/21/2005. No. C. 115530. The directors are Vijay Kumar with 1 share and Ankit Bhardwaj with 32,400 shares.

Apparently, 14 of the companies that allegedly seized 500,000 acres of land in Lamu do not appear in the registers of the Registrar of Companies.


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