Bewsey Lodge fundraising for Warrington rugby teams


THE Headmaster of Bewsey Lodge Primary School is taking on a fundraising challenge to say thank you to local sports clubs.

After seeing the impact that being part of these sports teams can have on the children of her school, Emma wanted to give something back to them.

She said: “I’ve seen children gain confidence and I’ve seen their social and emotional development thrive because of it.

“I have seen huge changes in behavior and self-control which have contributed to better learning in school and a more tolerant approach to difficult situations.

“The fitness and health benefits for many have been clear, but also the friendly rivalry and banter between kids on different teams creates a sense of humor while maintaining respect and sportsmanship.

“Children learn how good it is to succeed, to work hard and to win!”

Emma and the school dog, Leila, go out almost every morning at 5:30 a.m. to practice

Emma believes that being part of these teams teaches children that sometimes in life we ​​don’t win and allows them to develop skills such as resilience.

The head teacher will take part in the Manchester 10k on May 22 and all money raised will go to Rylands, Bank Quay Bulls, Crosfields and Culcheth.

“I also got to see how hard the volunteer coaches work to make this all happen,” added Emma.

“They give so much of their time – not just to training, but also to organization and administration.

“Without these very special people, my boy and thousands of others over the years at Warrington and beyond would not have had the added opportunity to grow into great young adults.

Emma and the school dog, Leila, go out almost every morning at 5.30am for training – so be sure to wave to them if you see them.

To donate to Emma’s fundraising efforts, visit here.

Emma said: “I ask everyone who has ever had the opportunity to be part of this wonderful rugby network to donate – your pledge will say thank you from you to the team and coaches for their commitment !

“Please be sure to include the name of the touring team and age group in your donation.”


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