BRELA to accelerate the growth of intellectual property rights


Speaking at the high-level meeting recently held in Dar es Salaam between the African Regional Intellectual Property Organization (ARIPO) and BRELA, the Agency’s Director General, Godfrey Nyaisa, said that Tanzania sees IPRs as a key aspect for businesses and innovators to thrive in the local market. and globally.

The High-Level Meeting was organized as an outreach mission on the Arusha Protocol on Plant Variety Protection, one of the commitments of ARIPO Member States signed in 2015.

“BRELA is seriously committed to promoting IPRs in the country, especially on increasing patents and utility models granted in the country,” he said, noting that in Tanzania, IPRs go so far as to include registration, post-registration, trade protection and trade promotion. and service marks, patents, utility models, industrial designs and geographical indications by receiving local, regional and international applications.

He said that the Agency is ready to organize awareness programs for its stakeholders, higher education institutions, research and development institutes and SMEs on the benefits of using IPRs on image. product branding.

Nyaisa recognizes that a lot of effort needs to be done in involving IP stakeholders to ensure that the number of IP rights is increased from the current state, and this can only be done through massive awareness programs.

He clarified that at the end of August this year, intellectual property stakeholders in Tanzania participated in a national consultative meeting on the Arusha Protocol for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants.

The consultative meeting resulted in some observations which were shared with ARIPO in accordance with Article 15 and Regulation 22 of the Arusha Protocol in relation to our national legislation.

“This outreach mission will serve as a catalyst to open another chapter for greater involvement in IPR protection for the agricultural sector by ensuring that in the near future Tanzania ratifies this very important protocol which started in 2015,” Nyaisa asserted.

ARIPO Director General Bemanya Twebaze commended BRELA for its continued engagement with ARIPO in ensuring that the Organization has an impact by responding not only to regional challenges but also to emerging opportunities.

He said the Arusha Protocol provides a form of intellectual property protection for new plant varieties, which has been specifically designed for Africa and adapted to the plant breeding process.

It is developed with the aim of inducing breeders to develop new varieties of plants. The Protocol also aims to achieve recognition of breeders’ rights on a regional basis.

“It is still justified that as Africa we are capable of solving our own problems, and the Arusha Protocol is a solid pathway by which we can achieve this in the context of the Union’s Agenda 2063 African,” Twebaze said.

According to him, PVP dialogues refer to the value chain that starts with breeders, farmers and growers and ultimately the ordinary consumer.

“Within this value chain there are issues to address such as yield, profitability, pest and disease resistance, stress tolerance, harvestability, crop quality, input efficiency , diversity of varieties, new markets, among others”, he concluded.


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