British teacher: Confucianism still very useful for modern existence



As the greatest and most important thinker in Chinese history, Confucius is traditionally considered the paragon of Chinese sages. His teachings and philosophy underpin Chinese and East Asian culture and society, remaining influential in the region to this day.

“Confucianism, as a general Chinese traditional culture, has a broad cultural background. It mainly focuses on benevolence (Ren) and righteousness (Yi), which is quite different from many Western philosophies,” Dr. Benjamin Coles, an associate professor in the Department of Philosophy and Social Development, told CGTN. Huaqiao University.

Coles said people should study Confucianism today to learn about responses to social crises. “How did they think we could avoid these problems? Or could we make them less serious? Or could we find ways to change them in an organized society, in a different way that would improve it, people’s livelihood? »

He also commented on two classic analects of Confucius, namely “In the four seas, all men are brothers 四海之内皆兄弟” and “The gentleman aims for harmony, not uniformity 君子和而不同.” He said the quotes “show that Confucianism is not the way many, especially many Western commentators, would have understood it. Those are two very useful things, very important to modern existence.”


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