Call for Participation in ESC Guidelines Working Groups


What is expected

The process of developing these guidelines, which includes drafting and several rounds of voting and review, will take approximately 24 months and will require applicants to fully commit to the project, while adhering to the procedures and timelines of the C.

Applicants should have demonstrated expertise and clinical and academic experience in the area of ​​the chosen subject.

How to register

If you are interested in joining one of the ESC 2024 guidelines working groups, please complete the application form and upload your CV. Upon submitting your application, if not already registered, you will be asked to complete your Expression of Interest (DOI) to facilitate the application review process.

All applications will be reviewed and reviewed by the ESC. However, in the event of a large number of applications, the ETUC will not be able to select all the applications. If the ESC receives a surplus of applications from suitably qualified experts, it may invite selected individuals to serve as guideline reviewers.

Application deadline: February 28


All authors of the 2024 Guidelines will be required to comply with the ESC’s Conflict of Interest Declaration and Management Policy and may not exceed the limit on the number of submissions to the ESC Guidelines.

Expression of interest

The following relationships with a healthcare company will result in the exclusion of a paternity applicant from the ESC guidelines:

  • Direct personal payments that amount to €10,000 or more per year in total.

The following relationships with a healthcare company may result in the exclusion of a paternity applicant from the ESC guidelines:

  • Receipt of direct compensation or support for the development of ESC guidelines.
  • Employment (even part-time) and/or having a significant shareholding.
  • Hold a patent or intellectual property that generates substantial revenue.
  • Payments to a department or institution or any other body that are considered to have a modest/substantial impact on a member’s compensation.

ESC Guidelines Working Group Participation Limit

As of 2008, individuals may hold office in the working group up to five times in their lifetime – for all titles in the ESC guidelines – and may serve as a member of the working group on the same title ESC directives up to two consecutive times.

Working group chairs may hold the position up to two times, regardless of the title(s) of the ESC Guidelines.


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