Clark and Champaign School Districts Report Over 200 New Cases of COVID


Due to the increase in cases and quarantines, another local school has extended its masking requirement.

Local Clark-Shawnee schools have a temporary masking requirement until Friday, but the school board voted Wednesday to extend the masking requirement for students and staff until October 1.

“It was a difficult decision for the school board. As we have shared with our community on several occasions, we believe it is extremely important that our students are in school in person as much as possible. This is important not only for their educational progress, but for their mental health and socio-emotional development, ”Superintendent Brian Kuhn said in a statement.

To exploreSchool cases from last week

Gov. Mike DeWine has said that wearing masks in the classroom is the best way to keep children in school.

“It’s very clear from what we’ve seen in the first two, three weeks of school, that the way you keep the kids in school is to keep them masked,” DeWine said Tuesday during of a press conference. “Vaccinate them if you can vaccinate them, if they are 12 years and older, then if they are not vaccinated, make them wear a mask.”

Kuhn said the district saw many students skip school due to quarantine when school started without a mask requirement. Since there was a mask requirement, he said there were fewer quarantines.

“The masking requirement has been effective so far in reducing the number of students missing school due to quarantine,” he said. “Our percentage of students quarantined has increased from 18% on August 31 to 2% on September 14.”

Springfield City, Northeastern, and Global Impact STEM Academy schools are the other local schools requiring masks. Local schools in Tecumseh require masks until October 1 and have also moved all middle and high school students to virtual learning until today.

School districts that have reported cases of students and staff are:

Clark Shawnee: 8 students, 4 staff members

Global Impact STEM Academy: 2 students

Graham: 8 students, 5 staff

Greenon: 5 students

ESC Madison-Champaign: 7 students, 2 staff members

Mechanicsburg: 11 students

Northeast : 37 students, 2 staff members

South East : 4 students, 3 staff

Christian Springfield: 2 students

Springfield: 10 students, 1 staff

Springfield-Clark County: 6 students, 2 staff members

Tecumseh: 25 students, 1 staff

Triad: 33 students, 9 staff

Urban: 14 students

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Cases reported on the school dashboard are shifted by one week, meaning those reported on Thursday were September 7-10.

The Dashboard tracks COVID-19 cases in all public and private K-12 schools across the state. The data displayed on the table includes all student and staff cases divided into new and cumulative categories. The table is updated on Thursday.

Clark County had 17,304 coronavirus cases and 321 deaths as of Thursday afternoon, according to the Ohio Department of Health. Champaign County had 4,295 cases and 63 deaths.

As of Thursday, 63,809 vaccines had been administered in Clark County, according to the ODH. Almost 48% of the county’s total population received at least one injection and just over 44% were fully immunized.

In Champaign County, 15,463 vaccines were administered. Almost 40% of the county’s total population has received at least one injection and just over 36% have been fully immunized.

By the numbers

17,304: Number of COVID-19 cases reported in Clark County

4,295: Number of COVID-19 cases reported in Champaign County

63,809: Number of vaccines administered in Clark County

17,304: Number of vaccines administered in Champaign County


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