CNIPA has published measures on the accelerated examination of the application for trademark registration (essay)




China’s National Intellectual Property Administration recently issued the Measures for rapid examination of trademark applications (for the implementation of the trial) (“the Measures”) as well as the Request for Expedited Examination of Trademark Applications and the Guide for the rapid examination of trademark applications, to refine the trademark examination system and continue to implement the reform aimed at streamlining administration and delegating authority, improving regulation and modernizing services in the field of property rights intellectual.

The Measures, which comprise 12 articles, specify the circumstances in which to request an expedited review, the conditions and conduct of the review, and the grounds for its termination. Pursuant to Section 2 of the Measures, trademark applications in any of the following circumstances are eligible: (1) The trademark involves the name of a major national or provincial program, key project, infrastructure important science and technology, a big event, a big exhibition, etc., and the brand is in urgent need of protection; (2) The mark is related to ongoing public emergencies such as particularly severe natural disasters, accidents, public health incidents and social security incidents; (3) The trademark is necessary to serve high-quality economic and social development and facilitate the implementation of the Sketch for the construction of intellectual property power; (4) The mark is of great importance for national interests, social public interests or major regional development strategies.



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