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On the show Bring It On! today, hosts Clarence Boone and Gloria Howell spend the hour with Drs. Tennisha Riley, James Brooks and Amrita Myers to help us better understand the mental state of students in general and how they appear to cope during a time of a pandemic.

Dr. Tennisha Riley is Assistant Professor in the Department of Guidance and Educational Psychology with a position in Human Development. His extensive research aims to expand our fundamental knowledge of adolescent emotional development and situate this knowledge in a socio-cultural context for black youth. She got her doctorate. in Developmental Psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University and subsequently completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Indiana University’s Center for Research on Race and Ethnicity in Society.

Dr. James Brooks, assistant professor of counseling psychology at Indiana University. Dr Brooks has expertise in relationship counseling and the impact of race and racism on multiracial families and race relations. As a clinical psychologist, Dr Brooks has worked with students on campus (here at IU and Tennessee State University) around their mental health needs and has worked with students who are training counselors to help them. .

Dr Amrita Myers is a renowned Ruth N. Halls Associate Professor of History and Gender Studies at Indiana University and Consulting Editor of the Journal of American History. Amrita is a historian of the experience of black women in the United States, and her research interests revolve around issues of race, gender, freedom and power and how these constructs intersect in the lives of black women. in the Old South. She is also the author of Forging Freedom: Black Women and the Pursuit of Liberty at Antebellum Charleston, 1790-1860.

Today’s hosts are Clarence Boone and Gloria Howell.
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