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FORT CAMPBELL – Andre Lucas Elementary was recently named an Exemplary High Achievement School, winning a 2021 US Department of Education National Blue Ribbon Schools Award. It is the latest school in the facility to receive the award. , adding to a long history of educational institutions in Fort Campbell receiving the award since 1988.

Each year, the Department of Education recognizes excellent schools across the country in one of two areas of performance: or exemplary schools closing the achievement gap among their states that are most successful in closing the achievement gaps. among their students.

A limited number of schools receive the award each year. This year, only 325 of the nearly 140,000 K-12 schools in the United States received the prestigious recognition.

Holistic teaching
School principal Steven Gardner said receiving the award confirms that all of the hard work staff at Andre Lucas Elementary School put into the students has paid off.

“At Andre Lucas Primary School, we believe that working through the PLC [Professional Learning Communities] process led to our success, ”Gardner said. “Each team meets weekly and develops lesson plans with high-level cognitive tasks and differentiated instruction. Teachers teach at the individual student level so that every child receives an education at the level where they will be challenged and can experience success.

If interventions are needed to help a student, he said, that student is monitored for progress to see if the interventions put in place work and if not, different interventions will be tried until. what the student masters the necessary standards.

Jennifer Nickel, a first-grade teacher at Andre Lucas Elementary School, now in her fifth year of teaching, believes that Andre Lucas Elementary’s success in the classroom could be attributed not only to good teaching, but also to the personal attention that staff give to each child to care for their emotional and social well-being.

“We focus on the whole student, so we’re able to see academic growth more than we would if we were just pushing standards and skills down their throats all day,” Nickel said.

Teachers endeavor to ask their students how they feel each morning, how their weekends have been spent, how is their life at home, and any issues they may have that they might need to talk about, she declared.

Keeping the child’s emotional state in mind is part of being successful in the classroom, she said.

“Sometimes they just need to talk to someone who is an impartial party,” Nickel said.

A child’s emotional development is just as important as their intellectual development, and paying attention to the well-being of each student can help them excel in the classroom, Gardner said.

“Doing what’s right for children and helping every child shows tremendous growth not only academically, but also socially and emotionally,” he said.

School pride

Joshua Adams, Kentucky Community Superintendent, Department of Defense Education, District of Southeast Americas, said the award was proof that Andre Lucas Elementary School staff addressed education as a team.

“We are very proud to have another Blue Ribbon National School in Fort Campbell,” Adams said. “It is a real testament to the effort and commitment of our educators, students, families and school leaders. These prices are not given for the effort of one. They make great teams that work together for our children.

Other onsite schools that have been recognized as Blue Ribbon Schools in the past include Mahaffey Middle School (1991 and 2000), Fort Campbell High School (1993 and 2002), Marshall Elementary School (1992), Jackson Elementary School ( 1988) and Collège du Nord (1989).

The teachers were delighted to see their efforts recognized through the award.

“We pour our hearts and souls into these children and having any kind of gratitude makes us feel over the moon,” Nickel said.

With or without the award, striving for educational excellence is a goal teachers pursue in the classroom on a daily basis, Gardner said.

“We’re incredibly proud of our entire school for their accomplishments, but even without that honor, that’s what we strive for every day,” Gardner said.

In a press release issued by DODEA, Thomas M. Brady, Director of DODEA, said the award is a testament to hard work on the part of students and staff.

“I am very proud of our new National Blue Ribbon Schools,” Brady said. “They are all exemplary institutions and reflect the dedication of our students and educators to achieving excellence around the world.”

Team effort
The National Blue Ribbon School Award was only possible because everyone did their part, including teachers, students and parents, Gardner said.

“It means that our teachers, professors and staff are doing what it takes to make every child successful,” he said. “It also means that our students work exceptionally hard to master each standard and apply those standards to the depth of knowledge necessary to exceed expectations on all assessments. Our parents also play an important role in this success in that they do an exceptional job preparing their children to come to school prepared and ready to learn.

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