Egypt and Kuwait sign grant agreement for Egypt-Sudan railway link project


Egypt and Kuwait have signed a grant agreement worth 750,000 KD ($2.5 million) to help prepare technical, economic and environmental feasibility studies for a construction project of a railway between Egypt and Sudan.

The study must include the determination of the technical, economic and financial feasibility of the project, the study of the environmental and social impact.

Review previous studies on the project and the nature of the two rail networks.

Also the study of railway networks, signaling and communication systems, power supply systems, support facilities and the location of the interchange station.

The study will prepare preliminary designs, determine project cost estimates and propose the most appropriate implementation method.

The signed grant reinforces the Egyptian government’s efforts to support economic relations with African countries to strengthen development efforts under the Development Agenda 2063.

Under which the Egyptian private sector is implementing many development projects in African countries, including electricity link and health sector projects, International Cooperation Minister Rania al-Mashat said.

She underlined the importance of the railway link project between Egypt and Sudan in promoting economic and social development and consolidating cooperation between the two brotherly countries and opening up many areas of cooperation to achieve development. sustainable and strengthen trade.


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