Emerge partners with TRIPP to launch tactile meditation and human connection within the metaverse


“Our sense of touch is not only essential to feeling grounded in this reality, connected to our own emotions, but also to sharing emotions with our loved ones,” said Sly Spencer Lee, co-founder and co-CEO of Emerge. . “Today, we’re thrilled to partner with the TRIPP team to pioneer the use of tactility in meditative practices within the Metaverse.”

TRIPP leverages research-based interactive game mechanics and mindfulness frameworks to deepen self-connection, facilitate well-being, and enable personal and collective transformation. Together, Emerge and TRIPP will continue to evolve the understanding of what tactility and meditation apps can look like in the virtual reality space. Apps built by Emerge with TRIPP as a proprietary XR wellness platform will be natively integrated with Emerge Home, the company’s flagship product.

“TRIPP is dedicated to empowering people with tools that enable personal transformation in health and wellness, and create community in the process,” said Nanea Reeves, CEO and co-founder of TRIPP. “We chose to work with Emerge because they provide an essential element for human health and connection – touch. We are excited to co-create unique experiences with touch meditation and offer it to our growing base of TRIPP members around the world.

The Emerge Home System consists of three components: the Emerge Wave-1 device, the Emerge Home social virtual experience, and the Emerge Home mobile app. The Emerge Wave-1 is a new tabletop device that allows users to be their bare-handed controllers. Around the same footprint as a 13″ laptop, the Wave-1 emits sculpted ultrasonic waves that allow users to feel and interact via touch in the virtual world. “Emerge, the Emerge Wave-1 creates an aerial medium field of interaction up to three feet above the device and 120 degrees around it. Among various other games available in the VR app, there will also be an available meditation interaction that will be exclusively co-developed with TRIPP in the near future.

“We are on a mission to create a new paradigm of human connection within the metaverse,” said isaac castro, Co-founder and co-CEO of Emerge. “Technology, as it exists today, is limited in the area of ​​emotional well-being. However, the integration of TRIPP’s mindfulness frameworks and Emerge’s tactility have the potential to change the landscape of this area in the future.”

Both companies strive to make technology more authentically human by helping people connect with their inner emotional and spiritual selves, making Emerge and TRIPP a natural pair for continued innovation in this area.

About Emerge
Emerge is building an Emotion operating system, first enabling the touch metaverse through a flagship app called Emerge Home, a virtual gathering space to physically feel, connect and play with your loved ones through visuals, audio and bare-handed touch – enabled by a new class of consumer devices that use ultrasound to create physical sensations that you can physically feel. Situated at Los Angeles, CAEmerge is backed by investors including Matthew Ballco-founder of Riot Games Marc Merrillco-founder of Twitch Kevin LinM13, Vulcan Capital, Afore Capital, Golden Ventures and Trousdale Ventures.

TRIPP is the leading XR wellbeing and digital wellbeing company that develops transformative experiences that improve mental and emotional wellbeing. TRIPP’s management team is led by the CEO, Nanea Reeveswhich has extensive video game and software development experience with several successful releases and includes Business Manager, Mani Srinivasanwho has generated substantial growth and revenue across all platforms to date in key roles at Qualcomm, Comcast and Disney, CTO Jason Asbahr who specializes in the development of XR platforms and video games and SVP of Product, Philip Lara who joins TRIPP from AppliedVR and previously held creative/product roles at Disney and Six Degrees Games. TRIPP is headquartered in Los Angeles while working with a fully distributed remote team.

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