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To improve the health status and ensure the educational development of schoolchildren, Fidson Healthcare Plc. awarded the top three finalists among schoolchildren who entered the MyChildCan Fidvite competition with cash prizes.

The event, held at Fidson Towers, Obanikoro, Lagos fostered unity among the parents, guardians, teachers of the winners and other supporters.

On Friday Enaholo, Marketing Director of Fidson Healthcare, said the competition had more than 147 entries from talented children from across Nigeria, showcasing their skills including public speaking, acting, playing musical instruments, cooking, singing and sports demonstrations, such as boxing, among others. .

He congratulated the schoolchildren who came out the winners, while reiterating the effectiveness of the Fidvite multivitamin for the development of children.

He said: “Childhood requires a lot of energy, which they get mainly from the food they eat. However, food alone cannot give them all the necessary nutrients in the necessary amounts. And that’s why parents are encouraged to supplement their children’s diets with multivitamins like Fidvite to fill this nutrient gap. He explained that Fidvite was specially formulated to provide the necessary vitamins or supplements for children.

Product Manager, Fidson Healthcare, Tunde Balogun, said that since its introduction in 2019, Fidvite has not only improved the health of schoolchildren, but also supported the development of their talents and skills. “The Fidvite product, which promises the development of vision and mental and physical development, achieves this goal through the MyChildCan competition,” he said.

He explained that Fidson Healthcare Plc., In an effort to make a difference in society, is particularly interested in the overall development of children. He noted that Fidvite Multivitamin is specially formulated to add value to the life of an average Nigerian child, as it is the perfect dietary supplement for children, which ultimately prevents vitamin deficiency.

He said: “Through a combination of the judges’ decision and the votes of the public, the three winners emerged and received their checks at the presentation ceremony. As already announced on Fidson’s official Instagram account, the first and second finalists are Whitney Jaiyeoba and Alexis Obi respectively. The winner of the inaugural Fidvite #MyChildCan competition is Delight Moses, who earned the place thanks to her impressive and educational oratorical presentation.

Expressing his gratitude to Fidson, her parents and all constituents, Delight Moses of Port Harcourt dedicated her victory to the development of the little girl. She congratulated Fidson Healthcare Plc for their kind gesture.

“I am standing up for the little girl and I will continue to stand up for our cause,” she said.


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