Fight for Gauteng subways intensifies as election day approaches


Gauteng’s DA has stepped up its attempt to retain control of the town of Tshwane while also aiming to garner majority votes in the town of Joburg and the local municipality of Mogale City in Krugersdorp.

The party also wants to retain control over the local municipality of Midvaal in Meyerton in the Vaal and it is the only municipality that has been under the exclusive control of the DA for more than a decade.

Yesterday, DA provincial chief Solly Msimanga accompanied several mayoral candidates from his party on the three subways of Joburg, Ekurhuleni and Tshwane as well as Tyrone Gray from Mogale City and Peter Teixeira from Midvaal. Msimanga and several of his mayoral candidates visited various retirement villages in the respective towns of Gauteng to witness the special votes. The candidates for mayor also went to their own polling stations to check the proper conduct of the ballot. One of the places visited by Joburg mayoral candidate Mpho Phalatse was Leeuwkop Prison in Sandton. Phalatse faces a daunting challenge as 56 political parties vie for the post of mayor of the city of Joburg.

One of the candidates, his former mayor of the town of Joburg Herman Mashaba – who, along with Phalatse, will vote at the same polling station in Sandton on Monday. Phalatse was the MMC of the city of Joburg for health and social development while Mashaba was mayor. DA mayoral candidates are expected to visit various congregations today before voting on Monday.

Msimanga, however, had mixed feelings about his campaign and the special votes conducted by the Electoral Commission (CEI).

“I visited several polling stations in Tshwane, Mogale and Vaal regions and engaged with our public officials and party agents in the field.

“Some of the challenges we encountered were that several polling stations opened late, especially in metropolitan areas.

“Some of the temporary polling stations exploded overnight, causing problems and delaying the opening,” Msimanga said.

The IEC confirmed yesterday that some of their polling stations were swept away by storms, but said those polling stations have since been restored.

Msimanga, however, said the most serious problem was that there would not have been enough envelopes and ballot boxes at some polling stations.

“In some cases, we noticed that the IEC was giving voters a single ballot instead of multiple ballots. We have received complaints from people who registered for special votes and were kicked out of the polls. In some cases, CEI officials missed some of their home visits and appointments, leaving many voters unable to make it to polling stations without any opportunity to vote, ”Msimanga said.

He added that another issue was VMD machines which tend to be slow, which could delay Monday’s vote, was “one of the issues we were hoping the IEC would have resolved” since last weekend. registration.

“We have filed all of our issues with the CEI and reported some of the more serious issues to the National Party Liaison Committee. We keep detailed information on complaints regarding all IEC issues, ”Msimanga said.

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