Focusing on the holistic development of female students, BHU launches new initiatives for Mahila Mahavidlaya


BHU has launched new initiatives for Mahila Mahavidlaya, focusing on the holistic development of female students.

Focusing on the holistic development of female students, BHU launches new initiatives for Mahila Mahavidlaya

With the aim of nurturing and developing the leadership and life skills of the students of Mahila Mahavidyalaya, the Constituent College of Banaras Hindu University, the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Sudhir Kumar Jain has constituted the “Committee of ‘student leadership and life skills development initiative’.

The committee led by Prof. Lalita Vatta, Department of Home Science, MMV, will prepare a strategy and implement activities to develop the soft skills, social skills, and personal and professional skills of the students.

He will also liaise with external and internal resource people/facilitators/mentors to organize workshops, conferences and events on various aspects of leadership, emotional intelligence, resilience and professional skills.


The committee will engage with students to help them develop activities aimed at achieving their personal and professional goals. The Vice Chancellor has also constituted a committee of Mahila Mahavidyalaya faculty members to support, facilitate and guide the female students to ensure their overall welfare.

The committee called “Student Welfare Initiative” will work for the academic, psychological, emotional, physical, and mental well-being of students and take action to address issues, if any, that students face.

The committee will support students in meeting life’s challenges, resolving psychological issues, and developing a lifelong orientation toward resilience and mental well-being through formal and informal means, and by organizing one-on-one meetings/activities and of group. Professor Nishat Afroz, Section of Psychology, MMV, has been appointed coordinator of the committee.

An Advisory Board led by the Principal, Mahila Mahavidyalaya, and Prof. Inu Mehta, has also been formed to assist and provide input into these initiatives.

These initiatives are in line with the commitment of the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Sudhir Kumar Jain, to take all possible measures for the general welfare and development of female students at BHU. He has also repeatedly stressed the need to support and help Mahila Mahavidyalaya realize her full potential.

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