GiveBradford launches new philanthropic fund supporting community groups


A NEW fund supporting local community groups has been unveiled with the aim of helping local businesses reduce inequalities in the district now and in the future.

The Bradford Fund was launched by GiveBradford, aiming to direct funds donated by businesses in the district towards projects affecting real social change across Bradford.

Through an investment in the new fund, GiveBradford can then distribute grants to different community groups and charities around Bradford to support their work, funding core costs so they can grow and be stronger in life. ‘to come up.

Inequalities have existed in the district for years and have been further aggravated by the Covid-19 pandemic and the cost of living crisis.

Many face economic and social challenges, and The Bradford Fund aims to encourage grassroots organizations in these communities to improve access to opportunity and improve social mobility.

Over the past 12 months, Give Bradford has distributed over £1.5million in grants and support to local community groups in the district, through strong partnerships with businesses, individuals and communities and consultation regularly with the supported groups.

Steph Taylor, Director of GiveBradford, said: “Here in Bradford, we have over 1,400 community organizations operating district-wide or more locally.

“Our role is to support their development and provide them with the funding that will allow them to flourish.

“Our grantmaking has always been community-led in Bradford, and now we have a dedicated fund that will allow us to meet the priority needs of our local communities.

“Most of the groups we fund do not have the infrastructure or capacity to raise funds directly from businesses, individuals and national trusts and foundations and we play a vital role in connecting people who want to give with groups that can spend their money creating real social change in the place they love.

The Bradford Fund has already distributed £120,000 to a dozen organisations, including the West Bowling Youth Initiative, which provides young people with education, employment and leisure opportunities alongside personal and social development.

Haqueq Siddique, Director of WBYI, said, “This kind of unrestricted funding is essential for us to envision sustainability and build capacity and growth in the years to come.

“WBYI has been working in the community for 30 years and we aim to continue our delivery over the next decade – providing support, guidance and building the confidence of young people for an easier transition into adulthood.”

Sharon Orr, Community Affairs Manager and Board Member of GiveBradford, said: “Bradford has a great history of philanthropy and giving and it is important that our businesses not only invest in the immediate needs of our communities, but also in their future.

“Our city has such rich and diverse communities that we all live and work in and we have a duty of care to them that we must take seriously to ensure our collective sustainability.

“I hope businesses will see the Bradford Fund as a central part of this funding offering.

“At Provident, we are committed to helping remove barriers to social and financial inclusion, which is why GiveBradford’s work is crucial in helping us do this effectively.

“Provident is proud to be a long-term funder and I’m also delighted to serve on the board.”

Companies and individuals wishing to contribute to the Bradford Fund should visit


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