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Participants at the 4th World Media Summit (Photo by Isabel de Leon)

BEIJING, China – Leaders and representatives from more than 260 media and institutions around the world met in person or online at a media summit on Monday to discuss the challenges and opportunities brought by COVID-19 and how which they could cooperate to deal with new media trends shaped by the pandemic.

The Fourth World Media Summit (WMS), organized by China’s Xinhua News Agency, focused on the theme “Media Growth Strategy Under the Impact of COVID-19”.

Participants recognized the impacts of the pandemic on the media industry and discussed the responsibilities of the media in the fight against COVID-19.

The fourth World Media Summit opens in Beijing, capital of China, Nov. 22, 2021 (Xinhua / Li Xin)

“The pandemic is endangering the health of mankind, and the media have a mission to fulfill,” said He Ping, executive chairman of WMS and chairman of Xinhua.

He called on the global media to fully reflect the consensus and actions of all countries to jointly fight the COVID-19 pandemic, tell the anti-pandemic stories well, disseminate positive information, reflect the exploits of ordinary people and tell the glory of human nature.

As a bridge connecting the hearts of the people and an engine of social development and progress, the global media should join hands to undertake the missions of promoting solidarity in the framework of the global fight against the pandemic, and play a role. positive in defending the common values ​​of mankind and advancing the construction of a community of destiny for mankind, said He Ping.

Stressing the importance of solid interviews despite the challenges to face-to-face communication posed by the virus, Toru Mizutani, president and editor-in-chief of Kyodo News, said media workers should speak to their sources to find out. ensure they have authentic information.

Despite the arduous challenges, the pandemic has also brought new opportunities, forcing media organizations to innovate and transform, summit participants said.

Luis Enrique Gonzalez Acosta, president of Prensa Latina, said the pandemic has raised awareness of the need to embrace media integration, and the media must innovate to open more channels to disseminate information.

Promoting media cooperation has been a key theme of the WMS since its inception in 2009.

Covering more than 260 media and institutions from nearly 100 countries and regions, the WMS mechanism is a high-end communication and coordination platform for the global media.

“From Beijing to Moscow, from Doha to Beijing, the summit has brought us together, cooperation and exchanges have yielded fruitful results,” said He Ping.

For the development of WMS, he proposed to jointly promote exchanges and cooperation with a more open approach, seek innovation and development with a more enterprising spirit, and adopt more pragmatic measures to jointly build mechanisms. and platforms.

The summit also announced awards for its winter sports photo contest. A total of 21 photos (photo series), out of 2,740 entries submitted by 870 photographers from 65 countries and regions, were awarded.

At the summit, many attendees shared their experiences of covering the Tokyo Olympics and expressed their expectations for the Olympic Winter Games and the Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games.

The summit improved understanding and deepened friendships, and will advance global media cooperation to address challenges, achieve win-win development and strengthen ties between countries, according to a joint summit statement.

The statement also noted that the event will bring together a powerful force to build a community with a shared future for humanity and a better world.

“As long as we keep the social responsibility of the media in mind, answer the questions of our time correctly, build a broad consensus around the world, and make concerted efforts, we can instill confidence and combativeness in the global fight against COVID. -19, and contribute to the common development of the media, ”He Ping noted in his remarks.




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