Government donates money to charity


The Ministry of Investment, Innovation and Social Development announced on December 23, 2021 that, in the spirit of the holiday season, the ministry is distributing extraordinary grants to non-profit organizations (NPOs) that serve the community in the space of social development.

According to the ministry, the grants were as follows:

The following Extraordinary Grants are awarded, on an ad hoc basis, in large part due to unforeseen circumstances outside the scope of existing funding or purchasing agreements that the Ministry has with most of these NPOs.

  • The National Council of Volunteer Organizations received $ 177,379 to fund emergency safety measures and repairs at its foster home for the benefit of the residents of the home
  • The Cayman Islands Crisis Center received $ 325,000 to fund the construction of an improved emergency shelter for its clients, who are critically ill women and children and potential victims of domestic violence.
  • The Hope for Today Foundation (HTF) received $ 90,000 to fund its operating expenses. HTF operates a sober living center for those recovering from drug addiction or addiction, and helps these people become sober and active participants in society again. Previously, HTF only received private funding, but now supports an increasing number of clients (some of whom are run by the courts). The work that HTF does with this grant will be monitored by the ministry and, if the desired results are produced, the ministry will aim to enter into a purchase agreement with HTF in 2023.
  • Meals on Wheels (MOW) provides hot and nutritious meals for seniors and other homebound people in the community, Monday through Friday, throughout the 52 weeks of the year. To meet the current and growing demand for MoW services, an extraordinary grant of $ 50,000 was distributed to MOW to support its relocation to a new facility and the purchase of new equipment.

When the grants were announced, the Hon. Minister André Ebanks said L

On behalf of the government, I am pleased to announce extraordinary financial support, derived from the identified economies, from the Department of Investment, Innovation and Social Development for a number of non-profit entities from our community that are aligned with the social development division of the ministry. . These NPOs play a crucial role in our community, providing essential services and assistance to a wide range of vulnerable people in the Cayman Islands, including children, victims of domestic violence as well as drug addiction / addiction and the elderly.

NCVO Board Chair Lauren Nelson expressed her gratitude on behalf of the organization and the children she serves in her foster home and preschool and said:

We are delighted to secure this funding, which will primarily be used to provide a 24/7 campus security guard for the foster home, but also for the preschool and store. deals. It will also finance essential renovations to the foster home. The NCVO is truly grateful for this gift, especially at this time of year.

Ministry Director General Eric Bush explained the broader context of the ministry’s strategic goals, saying:

The ministry looks forward to working with these NGOs and other similar entities to implement a more coordinated network of social development charities as the ministry embarks on the new year with revamped legislation, policies and procedures. to produce more sustainable solutions that tackle the root causes – with a view to moving those in need to an improved standard of living over time.

Video providing more information on Christmas gifts below.


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