Governor Hochul Highlights Historic Budget Investments in Early Childhood Education During Visit to Long Island School


State Senator Todd Kaminsky said, “The research is clear: early childhood education pays dividends down the line, preparing our students for success. classroom and prepare our students for the demands of the 21st century and beyond. What is important for our economy is that parents will now be able to go to work knowing that their children are being well cared for while enjoying the benefits of a quality education.

Member of the Assembly Judy Griffin said, “As a working mother with older children, I appreciate that Governor Hochul understand how much UPC and reliable and affordable childcare services are reserved for parents in the suburbs. We both know that providing UPC not only benefits children and families, but is vital to a thriving local economy. Long Island families need our help to make this a reality and I thank the Governor Hochul for leading the way and making childcare a top priority for hardworking families. »

Member of the Assembly Michele VS Flooring said“Children need safe, nurturing and nurturing environments to promote healthy brain development and lay the foundation for lifelong learning and emotional well-being. A full day of preschool will strengthen the coordinating early childhood education to create more opportunities for families who live on Long Island, which will help ensure that all children have a fair start and work to significantly reduce achievement gaps.

President and CEO of the Long Island Association Matt Cohen said, “Child care is a critical economic development issue for the business community and the pandemic has brought its importance into even sharper focus. Governor Hochul’s The budget is a critical step forward to invest in more affordable, accessible and available child care so that more parents can participate in the workforce and our children are given the tools to lead their next generation.

Bethpage federal credit union please Corporate Affairs and CRED Linda member arymn said, Since Governor Hochul As Lieutenant Governor, she remained focused on expanding access to affordable child care. Under his leadership, this year’s state budget provided funding to add thousands of pre-K seats on Long Island – a vital investment in children, in families, in the development of the workforce and in the economy of our region. As the first female Governor of New York, no one understands this issue better and I thank the Governor Hochul for fighting for the families of Long Island.”

Child Care Council of Suffolk Inc. Executive Director Jennifer Rojas said: “The Child Care Council of Suffolk was very pleased to see investments in childcare in this year’s final budget. Expanding child care assistance for working families will help thousands of children on Long Island gain access to safe and reliable child care. This expansion, in addition to the expansion of UPC will give more families options for their children while they work. The budget also recognized the struggle of child care providers, who have been critical during the pandemic, with increased market rates and a new round of stabilization grants. As a member of the Governor’s Task Force on Child Care Availability, I look forward to working with the Governor and the Legislative Assembly to build on these gains and create a more fair and stable. »

Child Care Council of Nassau, Inc. Executive Director Joy Connolly said: “We would like to thank the Governor Hochul and the legislature for this incredible investment in children and families. The pandemic has highlighted how crucial access to child care and preschool is for young children. Thousands of Nassau County families will benefit from these increased funds allowing our youngest citizens to have the strong foundation they deserve. »

Choice for All CEO and Coordinator of the Long Island Regional Technical Assistance Center for Preschool and Early Childhood Education Jacob Dixon said, “We applaud Governor Hochul and the state legislature in their leadership on pre-K and child care on Long Island and in the state. With over 1,700 licensed child care providers in our region, 124 school districts, four general home visiting programs and three BOCES, investing in pre-K and child care is key to ensuring young learners have a bright future for New York City. These historic investments set a strong direction for a comprehensive and coordinated response to the academic and social-emotional needs of children across the state. We look forward to continuing to work with the Governor and State Legislature to ensure that every child on Long Island has access to a pre-K seat, regardless of zip code or school district.”

Kyle, executive director of the Association for a Better Long Island Strobe said“Child care is a critical element in propelling our region’s economy because without it, we are preventing countless parents from participating in full employment. Dealing with an increase in the cost of child care at a time where families face rising expenses has created a crisis for far too many As a result, an increase in funding for universal pre-kindergarten (UPC) will be crucial to our working families, boost our economy, and vital to businesses across Long Island, the state, that need their employees on the job. ABLI congratulate the governor Hochul for his leadership in solving this problem, as it will greatly benefit both the economy and our families. »


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