Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 Episode 17 Recap: “I’ll Cover You”


Grey’s Anatomy

I will cover you

Season 18

Episode 17

Editor’s Note

2 stars

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It’s a veritable purse of stories about the latest Grey’s Anatomy. Hopefully at least some of these will pay off emotionally by the time the season finale (and 400th episode!!) rolls around, because right now most of these storylines are really tough to invest. I need drama, tears, high stakes, great doomsday romance. Right now everyone seems… tired? Or, at the very least, these stories are a little half-baked.

You know who’s fully cooked? Richard Webber. I mean it wasn’t that long since they used a similar plot and a bunch of Gray Sloan doctors unknowingly ate weed cookies, but of course we can do “Webber accidentally drinks Catherine weed juice and get high.” I just wish they had done a little more with it than put Webber and Meredith in a room together for some light banter. Don’t get me wrong, I love light-hearted banter! Webber singing songs with incorrect lyrics? It soothes my soul. But it felt like a missed opportunity. When Meredith explains how leaving Seattle could be a good thing for her because it’s so haunted (to say the least), Webber understands because that’s how he felt when he died. from Ellis. Meredith corrects him – he must mean Adele – but no, he meant Ellis. This is a good thing !! Why did we leave it there, unexplored? ! And why not let Webber’s accidental high lead him to a real, actionable “epiphany” on how to save the residency program rather than one that legitimately boils down to “treating residents like human beings.” What is that?? All that to say, this whole story felt like treading water until the big reveal at the end: why did Catherine have cannabis juice at home in the first place? It’s for his pain, she explains to Webber. His cancer is “progressing”.

This is a very disturbing turn of events!! We already know that Jackson and April are set to make a comeback in the final, and this information associated with this development indicates that things are rather bad for Catherine. She has already cheated death once with a risky cancer operation; would they really let her start again? Will Catherine Fox be the last Grey’s Anatomy victim? It sounds like an emotional story that a 400th episode could play with.

Speaking of sad cancer stories, an old patient of Link’s arrives at the ER and he’s in bad shape. Link had a tumor removed from Simon’s knee and they became close, so he knows all about Simon undergoing chemo and radiation and Simon and his wife Kristen desperately want a baby. Now she’s pregnant and they find another tumor, this time in her intestine. All Simon wants is to live long enough to meet his son. It’s very sad! Link and Jo – who began her double life as an obstetrics resident and general surgery assistant; it’s exhausting – end up doing Simon’s surgery together, but once they cut it open they can both see there’s no chance of removing that tumor. They can put Simon at ease, but he’s dying, and soon. Panicking, Kristen demands that she have a C-section so Simon can see his son before he dies. Jo tries to calm her down but is completely undermined by Link, who reminds Jo that she’s just a student and can’t make this call. He’s a real jerk about it. Of course Jo is right and eventually everyone agrees and Simon and Kristen hold each other while Kristen makes Simon promise that he will fight to live long enough for her to have this baby. I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of these two and they will probably break our hearts before the end of the season.

This, however, is not the real point of this story. The real point is that Link is a real sad boy these days. Jo knows that when he’s angry and hurt, he goes wild. That’s what his little explosion is about. And yes, he’s angry and hurt about what’s happening to Simon and unable to stop it, but we also know he’s angry and hurt about his current status with Jo. They have it in a pantry. (If Gray Sloan’s supply closets could talk!) Link accuses Jo of using him for sex, then dumping him for Todd. Instead of hanging out and being friends, these days she only uses Link as a babysitter. Eventually the argument gets so heated that Jo blurts out that she didn’t use him for sex and then kicks him out of the house – she asked him to move out because she fell in love with him and she knew he didn’t feel the same way. She didn’t want to lose their friendship because of this. Link doesn’t take advantage of this moment to tell her that he is, in fact, in love with her, which seems obvious to all of us, but maybe he will soon?

There are so many sad boys running around this hospital being mean to the women they love because they can’t find a healthy way to deal with their emotions, right? Is this the real premise of this series? I don’t hate that. Anyway: Let’s talk about Winston.

It seems Winston still hasn’t told his wife that her brother is a con man. Wendell lied about the heart patches and wants Winston to save him from the trouble he got himself into, which puts Winston in a terrible position. We learn that this is the basic dynamic that these brothers have had all their lives. Winston is mad that his brother lied to him and Maggie and asks him to lie to everyone in Gray Sloan. Instead of just explaining this to Maggie, Winston gets angry at a patient who comes in with an abdominal aneurysm and lied to his wife about it. He’s so awful to this patient about her lying that eventually Maggie has to kick Winston out of the operating room! It’s a pretty sweet decision on Maggie’s part, but one that could have been totally avoided if Winston had his emotions in check. Eventually Maggie has to beg him to be honest with her because she knows – both his boss and his wife – that something is going on. He is not himself. He tells her all about Wendell and then asks her if she can give the brothers some space so he can… I guess there’s a big fight going on. Are we going to see this big fight, most likely emotionally charged? I hope so!

I guess the lesson here is that everyone should just tell people they love what’s really going on in their lives so we can avoid things like yelling at patients, promising fatal c-sections, and/or accidentally drinking weed when you’re ten years sober. Talking is good, people! Talk more!

• Nick gets surgical privileges at Gray Sloan, but it’s not without a fight with Bailey. Eventually, he convinces her with his charm and his skills as a doctor. Bailey also reconciles with Meredith after their big argument about her being a slutty resident the other week. Everything feels good and here now.

• Not that Grey’s Anatomy is a bastion of nuance (I say this with the love of someone who watched this show from the start), but this Teddy/Owen/Leo story really tests the limits. Buttoning up Teddy’s entire bow to agree to let Leo figure out his gender identity at his own pace rather than rushing to define it with an ice cream on his nose metaphor that felt extra special after school. It could be interesting and heartfelt, but so far it’s a dud.

• Grey’s Anatomy now resorts to…poo in the ceiling plot points? Do you remember the time when two people got stuck on a pole and only one could survive? We were really alive then.

• Nick helps Schmitt through his first operation. Nick is very good at it! Nick also tells Bailey to shut up when she walks in and doesn’t help as Schmitt tries to pull himself together. Now, was Bailey ruining the moment and making things harder for Schmitt and Nick? Yes. But should there also be a trapdoor that opens and a person falls through every time they tell Chief of Surgery Dr. Miranda Bailey to shut up? Yes too.

• Bailey referring to the leaders who came before her as “a chain of messy men” is both funny and true. So true. We know many of these men and they were the dirtiest.

• “Bailey feeds on terrifying people.”


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