Holger Rune admits he needs better ’emotional control’ following allegations against Ruud


Danish tennis superstar Holger Rune was knocked out of the 2022 French Open tournament on Thursday, following a four-set loss to Norway’s Casper Ruud in the quarter-finals of the tournament. The Norwegian won the first set 6-1 and made a comeback in the last two sets after losing the second set and confirming his place against Croatian Marin Cilic in the semi-finals. Amid the hard-fought loss, Rune was seen losing his temper on several occasions, as he also accused Casper Ruud of shouting in his face inside the dressing room.

While Ruud’s father and coach called Rune’s claims a “pure lie”, Ruud himself suggested that Rune needed to grow up. Following the comments, Rune took to his official Instagram account on Thursday and posted a long, moving message. Admitting to feeling frustrated and promising to work on his behavior on the pitch, below.

“I haven’t found my level and it’s frustrating”, specifies Holger Rune

“I gave my heart and soul to every game in Paris 🇫🇷🗼❤️@rolandgarros. I put a lot of passion into my job because that’s how I am. I’m proud of my development and I see also that there are still things to improve. My quarter-final I didn’t find my level and it’s frustrating. Still, I should be able to find a way to win and that requires more emotional control. I’m aware of that and will improve. But I’m very happy overall with my first grand slam on clay 🐆 and now being in the top 30 on Monday 💪🏽 @atptour,” the player wrote. 19 years old.

The youngster concluded the post by thanking everyone and said he would focus on positivity from now on. “Thank you to my fantastic team, my family, my sponsors and a special thank you to my fans and supporters around the world who are always there. In good times and bad ❤️ May the development continue 🌱 and let’s focus on the positive 😍 It’s pertinent to mention that during the match, Rune was obviously frustrated and he was also seen telling his own mother to leave the player’s box.

According to Fox Sports, Rune had claimed the Norwegian’s behavior on the pitch was unsportsmanlike as Ruud spoke to him again and again. The teenage tennis sensation also claimed that Ruud taunted him in the locker room by coming straight at him and shouting “Ouissssss” in his face. However, the youngster had an interesting campaign at Roland Garros where he also beat the world number one. 4 Stefanos Tsitsipas in the fourth round match.

(Picture: @rolandgarros/Twitter/AP)


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