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In the first in a series dedicated to people being the change they’d like to see in the world, here’s our tribute to women in philanthropy.

As of the summer of 2020, MacKenzie Scott has donated nearly $ 8.5 billion to 798 nonprofits, with no strings attached. His famous ex, the near billionaire Jeff Bezos, has set up a $ 10 billion initiative to fight climate change. It reminds me of the phrase, “If you want something said, ask a man, if you want something done, ask a woman.” “

Here is an ad hoc list of women in philanthropy that we have been monitoring for some time. They are the founders, leaders and advocates of notable and worthy causes in the city, who have a local – and perhaps even global – impact. Fighting for rights, providing safe homes and shelters, fundraising and awareness raising, adopting, welcoming, nurturing – these motivated women are doing it all.

This is by no means an exhaustive list; we aim to continue adding women to philanthropy over the coming year and hope you, our readers, will inform and enlighten the editors of Prestige with news and information on worthy causes and notable names.

Women in Philanthropy

Alia Marwah Eyres
women in philanthropy charitable foundations hong kong
Amanda cheung

Alia Marwah Eyres often volunteered at Mother’s Choice when she was younger, an experience that fueled her passion to change the life stories of vulnerable children, youth and families – bringing her back to a leadership role in the charity that meets the needs of both children. without family and pregnant teenagers.

Amanda cheung
First Initiative Foundation (FIF)

Amanda Cheung is Executive Director of the First Initiative Foundation (FIF). Her mother, Michelle Ong, established the foundation over a decade ago to support Hong Kong’s creative community.

Belinda Koo
Founder of the One Ten Foundation

A charitable organization aiming to endow young adults aged 12 to 24 with high emotional resilience by integrating non-competitive sports with evidence-based therapeutic concepts.

Cathy lee
Chi Heng Foundation Goodwill Ambassador

The Chi Heng Foundation promotes equal opportunities and the elimination of discrimination against minority groups and disadvantaged members of society. From supporting children affected by HIV and AIDS across mainland China to funding and operating education and care projects for children and adults affected by AIDS, the Foundation also raises awareness about the prevention of AIDS. AIDS and the need for anti-discrimination practices.

Cissy wang
Co-founder of Go.Asia

An online charity platform encouraging people to participate in charitable work and serve local communities, Go.Asia is a charitable initiative that aims to improve society through collective and individual efforts.

Daisy tam
Founder of Breadline and Hong Kong Foodworks

Battling the shocking level of food waste in Hong Kong, Breadline connects bakeries and volunteers who want to collect leftover breads to deliver to charity.

women in philanthropy charitable foundations hong kong
Belinda Koo
Cissy wang

EcoDrive promotes awareness and reduction of single-use plastic in Hong Kong through education, connecting with businesses and providing possible solutions.

Providing food supply, operations, charity distribution and volunteer coordination, Feeding HK ensures that surplus food goes to feed people, not landfills.

Jacqueline Chow
Treasurer and member of the fundraising committee of the Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children (HKSPC)

To lead and excel in maintaining the health, happiness and safety of children, HKDSPC provides for and promotes the care, education and social development of children and families, in partnership with the community.

Jennifer yu-cheng
Founder of the Jennifer Yu Cheng Girls Impact Foundation

Providing adolescent girls with opportunities for future-ready education in STEM fields, the mission of JYC Girls Impact Foundation is to open the door for all girls, providing them with access to education, technological skills and a state of mind, as well as inspiration and the ability to lead.

Joanna hotung
Founder of Youth Diabetes Action

Youth Diabetes Action (YDA) is a charitable organization dedicated to supporting children and adolescents with diabetes in Hong Kong, and their families.

Joanna Lui-Hilcox
Executive Director of the Galaxy Entertainment Group Foundation

The philanthropic activities of the GEG Foundation have extended to Hong Kong, Macao and mainland China and span the gamut; From training young talent to helping the elderly, from art and artists, to music or medicine, the charitable arm and mission of the Foundation is vast.

women in philanthropy charitable foundations hong kong
Kaye dong
Laurinda Ho

Karen chan
Creative Director and Co-Founder of HKCRAFTS

HKCRAFTS integrates various design elements into local crafts and supports local emerging artists and designers. By working with local artisans to train others, HKCRAFTS shines a light on unique and faded local artists – and gives them another chance, proper employment and funding.

Katherine lo
Founder of the Eaton workshop

Eaton Workshop is a mission-driven global hospitality company dedicated to shaping a better world based on values ​​of inclusiveness and fairness, and providing a platform that provides a space for belonging, expression and collective change. Activism and advocacy for a range of progressive issues are central to all of its programs.

Kaye dong
Founder of the K for Kids Foundation

K for Kids Foundation Limited is focused on helping children in greatest need, with the aim of providing resources, opportunities and support through educational and extracurricular programs and activities built on the foundation of core values: respect, responsibility, kindness, passion, happiness and love.

Laurinda Ho
Smile with us HK

Launched in 2017 and using social media to raise awareness, Laurinda Ho’s Smile with Us HK initiative organizes regular visits to homes for the elderly and families of children with special needs. It also provides food, clothing and school supplies – whatever the need, the foundation works with the local community and those in mainland China.

Michele Lai
Founder of Kids4Kids

Kids4Kids encourages change by reinventing ways of learning and rethinking social expectations, by inspiring young people to work together and by connecting individuals to communities.

Patricia ho
Founder of the Hong Kong Dignity Institute

The HK Dignity Institute fights for marginalized communities, asylum seekers, refugees, victims of human trafficking and discrimination, vulnerable women and children victims of domestic violence and abuse.

women in philanthropy charitable foundations hong kong
Victoria Tang Owen

Sian taylor
Box Of Hope Charity Director

Box of Hope is a charity project to teach Hong Kong school students how to give by providing useful / educational gifts to underprivileged children in Hong Kong and Asia, which are donated entirely by school children and local organizations. The boxes are collected and delivered directly to children in need in eight Asian countries.

Victoria Tang Owen
President of the Hong Kong Down Syndrome Association

The association is committed to serving people with Down syndrome, intellectual disabilities or other disabilities and their family members with integrated family support and vocational rehabilitation services. In recent years, it has expanded its social enterprises with the aim of increasing vocational training and employment opportunities for people with disabilities, while promoting the concept of social inclusion.

Established in 2013, the Hong Kong-based Yvonne Lui Trust works with a wide range of NGO partners with the mission of developing sustainable development initiatives through innovative solutions, promoting the importance of health and promoting improve accessibility to quality education and art.

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