Iulius Mall Suceava, the largest and most important shopping and entertainment venue in northern Romania, invests 40 million euros in expansion


Iulius Mall will have the largest commercial area in the north of the country, exceeding 65,000 m², following the expansion of an additional 14,000 m² * new fashion brands present for the first time in this region, restaurants with outdoor terraces, facilities of leisure, and services * in addition, the park and the recreation area * expansion of the parking lot up to a total of 2,150 parking spaces

IULIUS has an additional presence 13 years in Suceava, while asserting itself as the main place for shopping, leisure and entertainment, with more than 10 million visits per year, with customers coming from all over the region. In a continuous process of adapting to public demands and the development needs of the city, Iulius Mall Suceava has succeeded in attracting the long-awaited services and traders to the region over and over again. Now, the project is growing, continuing its mission to keep the public connected to retail trends, having access to renowned fashion brands directly in their city, to new entertainment concepts and to services that make everyday life easier .

The extension will include a rental area of ​​14,000 m², structured as a retail park with direct access from the outside, but also connected to the shopping center. Another existing area of ​​10,000 m² in the Iulius Mall Suceava will be reconfigured and redeveloped. In total, Iulius Mall Suceava will have an area of ​​more than 65,000 m², reinforcing its prestigious position as the largest and most important shopping and entertainment venue in northern Romania. During the expansion of the Iulius shopping center, Suceava will have an even more competitive presence in the local retail trade and will compete with cities such as Iași, Timișoara, Cluj-Napoca or Constanța.

“For 13 years now, the entire northern region of the country has found in Iulius Mall Suceava a place for the whole family, a place to meet, socialize, have fun, but also a place to shop and find everyday things . daytime services. Iulius Mall is a landmark for the community, and we will continue to keep it at the top of preferences, enhancing its role in the economic and social development of the city. We stay further with the inhabitants of the territory and continue to respond with new opportunities to the expectations of an emerging city”, said Eduard Marcu, director of the Iulius Mall Suceava shopping center.

New renowned fashion brands and a park area

The expansion will complement the attraction points presented by Iulius Mall Suceava with a new mix of international fashion brands, present for the first time in the region, drive-thru locations, shops and services accessible directly from the exterior, including the premises of local entrepreneurs and producers, but also space for leisure, relaxation and walking, with themed restaurants and cafes, and open-air terraces. In addition, the project will also integrate medical services in individual premises.

The new development will also integrate green and pedestrian spaces of approximately 10,000 m², distinctive sign of the projects developed by IULIUSit will bring a nature facility and a space for outdoor eventscomplementing the entertainment offer already present at the Iulius Mall Suceava.

Concomitantly with the expansion, the area will benefit from a urban remodeling, where project entrances, pedestrian access routes and road connections are improved. Also contributing to the accessibility of the project, there will be nearly 800 new parking spaces, which will add to a total capacity of more than 2,150 parking spaces, as well as new facilities for electric, alternative and public transport.

Currently, this initiative is at the stage of obtaining authorization permits. The start of construction work is expected to take place in the second half of this year and the completion of this investment will take place at the end of 2023.


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