Jiangsu Kunshan Accelerates Development of Emerging Industries with Almost RMB100 Billion Investment


As from China first city at county level with an industrial production value of over trillion yuan, Kunshan dominated the ranking of from China Top 100 cities at the county level by overall strength for 17 consecutive years.

Kunshan is now vigorously developing emerging industries, focusing on new display, new intellectual manufacturing, new medical, new energy, new materials and new digital, and accelerating the construction of a modern industrial system.

The city has attracted many famous companies to invest here. Located in Kunshan Economic and Technological Development Zone, Td Automotive Compressor (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. (TACK), a company producing the Toyota Denso air conditioning compressor, has invested US $ 77 million in Kunshan. The company placed the group’s first new energy vehicle air conditioning compressor project in Kunshan due to the obvious advantages of the city’s location, supportive policies and also the excellent business environment, according to Fujii akira, the Managing Director of TACK.

The development of emerging industries is inseparable from a quality industrial ecology. Kunshan launched a total of 10 billion yuan of the industrial development investment fund, focusing on high-quality enterprises of high-tech industries, emerging industries and other fields, also with the emerging industrial cooperation institution established.

In the future, Kunshan will focus on the development direction of emerging industries, greatly improve the total quantity, quality and innovation capacity of emerging industries in Kunshan, making every effort to build an industry plateau emerging with global competitive advantages.

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SOURCE Xinhua Silk Road


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