Kate Middleton and Prince William’s clever ‘concept’ for raising their kids


The expert added: ‘It seems that Kate and William give their children time to sit down and think about their behavior and then talk about it, which is really important for a child’s emotional development, understanding what did, how it could have affected anyone else. and how they can change their behavior and react differently in the future.

“From what I can gather, Kate and William have a healthy relationship with their children encouraging them to talk about how they feel, which as we know is imperative for young minds, taking the habit of expressing their emotions at an early age to avoid possible mental health problems in the future.

Gemma also opened up about how Kate and William would never have yelled at their three children.

She said: “It’s wonderful, although I think as parents we’re human and sometimes it can be hard not to raise your voice every now and then, which I think is important for that children hear and understand that parents also have emotions and can get angry.

“But it’s how we learn to manage our emotions and understand the impact it can have on others and on ourselves.

“As a mum, I’ve been through this myself and I always make sure I yell I explain why and what happened.”


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