Lakeisha Marie Davis Celebrated as April 2022 Woman of the Month by POWER – Recognized Professional Women of Excellence Organization

East Orange, NJ, May 17, 2022 — ( — Lakeisha Marie Davis of East Orange, New Jersey has been celebrated as Woman of the Month for April 2022 by POWER (Recognized Professional Women of Excellence Organization) for his outstanding contributions and achievements in the field of education. Each month, POWER features women to represent their professions and industries based on their expertise and success in their chosen specialty.

About Lakeisha Marie Davis
Lakeisha Marie Davis is a Certified Newark Public Schools Paraprofessional at New Jersey Regional Day School in Newark, New Jersey. Their educational program promotes social and emotional development, educational life skills and communication skills. With over 25 years of experience in the field of education, Davis is responsible for helping teachers and helping students with special needs.

When Davis was in high school, she worked part-time at a daycare. She loved working with young children, helping them grow and develop, and she realized that a young child’s mind is like a pot of gold. She decided to become an educator and acquire the necessary tools to achieve her goal of one day opening her own day centre.

“I want to give back to the community by providing a healthy and safe environment for these young minds to grow, develop and have positive academic outcomes,” Davis said.

Davis envisions a center that will have classes to teach young mothers how to manage their children’s problems and behaviors. It will also offer after-school tutoring and a variety of recreational activities such as music, dance, yoga and art lessons. Equally important to Davis is that his center provides staff with equal opportunity, equal pay for work, teamwork, excellent communication, opportunities for advancement and a positive identity unique to each individual.

Davis attributes much of her success to the many positive influences in her life. Her mother, Maxine Davis, her father, George Doyle, and her late brother, Michael Davis, always believed in her and encouraged her to pursue her teaching dreams. Raymond Baldwin, Davis’s son, was his greatest cheerleader, always letting him know how proud he is of his accomplishments and encouraging him. Davis’ principal at the New Jersey Regional Day School, Jennifer Mitchell, has been very inspirational to her in her work as a leader and encouraged her to excel in everything she does. Davis also acknowledges Bruce Prashker for trusting him to care for his mother since 2015. There is also a special someone who was there for Davis through his teenage and adult life who will always have a special place in his heart. . Because of all these people, Davis always thought the sky was the limit.

In her spare time, Davis enjoys reading and shopping.

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