Liberia: Why I want to become Bong County Senator – Johnny Kpehe


Gbarnga – Businessman Johnny K. Kpehe is among more than 10 candidates vying to become Bong County Senator. In this interaction with Selma Lomax of FrontPageAfrica, Johnny talks about the essence of governance, his action plans for the people of Bong County and the imperatives of commitment, integrity and a comprehensive knowledge base in the conduct and management of public affairs.

FrontPageAfrica: Johnny, I would like to welcome you to this interview. It’s been long overdue, but I’m glad we’re both available now.

Johnny: Thank you Lomax. It is indeed a great pleasure to sit down with you on your recognized and widely read platform to share my perspective on the governance and public good of Bong County and Liberia as a whole.

FrontPageAfrica: Sir, why do you really want to become Bong County Senator?

Johnny: The people of Bong County asked me to serve them as a county senator based on my many developments, humanitarian, agribusiness, youth and women empowerment, agriculture, infrastructure, scholarships, activities investment in the county associated with love for the county. Their call to service and demand for continued interventions in health, education, roads, agribusiness, women’s empowerment, protection of cultural heritage and others social services are sources that motivate me to want to serve them as a senator from Bong County.

As a native son of Bong County, which is constitutionally qualified, I am confident that I can work with all the sons and daughters of the county to bring about the developments and interventions that our people need to improve their lives.

Additionally, my love for the people of Bong County over the years has led me through bushes, mud and floods to bring relief and rehabilitation to communities in distress. In my schedules, I constantly appreciate that public service really should be directed to the people, communities and organizations that need it. It shouldn’t be an elite obsession with the flamboyance of undue protocols, sirens, motorcades, wild parties, and the like.

I offer myself for service in the knowledge that I have a program of action that would uplift the county and our people economically, socially and politically.

FrontPageAfrica: What is your agenda and how is it different from those of other senatorial aspirants?

Johnny: Bong County is endowed with resources such as water, minerals, good climatic conditions, land, ecotourism sites, human capital, etc. These blessings have the potential to reduce poverty, food insecurity, inequality, insecurity and social injustice. Action programs focused on poverty reduction, food security, mainstreaming gender issues in development and decision-making, climate change mitigation and job creation. Based on the targeted programs, I will work with county leaders, Bong County Citizens Associations and citizens around the world to actualize the county plans that are in the statement of intent, which should also be well thought out by the team. members and me. However, there is also the issue of commitment to implement the promises made by challenging, but with Bong County’s experience of broken promises and deception that have undermined development, aspirations and progress of the people, we will work hard to change this negative narrative. .

FrontPageAfrica: You are famous in Bong County for doing so much for the people, including providing loans to market women, providing tuition assistance to students. Do you propose to do the same for the inhabitants of Bong County if they are elected senators?

Johnny: The world is increasingly taking on the character of a global village where best practices determine who makes the most progress and stays ahead of the rest. When elected as a Senator, I will leverage my international contacts and goodwill to attract diverse international support for our programs and projects.

Beyond the international arena, I will explore and pursue collaborative projects with my colleagues, including members of the Bong Legislative Caucus, the government in power in 2024. My tenure as a senator will not be limited to the public sector, but will extend to private sector support. sector to grow and develop. In the final analysis, both the public and private sectors involve the Bongese (residents of Bong County) one way or the other. We will work with friendly government and people to promote the mentee program, scholarships, student exchange program, etc. We will strengthen our relationships with other universities that will help improve learning at Bong County Technical College.

FrontPageAfrica: The election campaigns of some candidates give the impression that there is some kind of war coming. Aren’t you worried about things going wrong?

Johnny: I agree that politics has divided us in Bong County. I also believed that because of the division, we have little development and reconciliation in the county. It is shameful that a few of the contenders are starting to fight dirty which will not give credit to our county and the people in general. For me, I see campaigning as an exchange of ideas, commitments and service history as the basis for election to serve.

Of course, I’m worried about peace and unity in the county. Peace and unity are the foundations on which to rely to promulgate development, health, education, roads, environment, security, ecotourism, etc. I promised that my campaign will be centered on ideas.

FrontPageAfrica: How do you rate your main rivals in the upcoming elections? Do you really think you can defeat them, especially the incumbent senator?

Johnny: My rivals in this election are the expectations of my people for real change in their living conditions. Elections are all about timing and I see it everywhere I’ve traveled in the county. The people of Bong County are ready to make the changes the county needs. Some of our best want to be county senators, but the assessment shows that now is not their time to be called to duty.

Typical politicians have been tested, their results are written on the walls, and our people have understood their results. Based on their results, I was called from my business and humanitarian role to politics. I will make the difference our people need.

FrontPageAfrica: What is your vision for Bong County?

Johnny: Bong County has a wide range of potentials in human and material resources that can only be explored and exploited successfully by men and women with integrity and a clear goal for the benefit of the people. I will not just laze around waiting for the next allocation of social development funds from the government, but I will reinvigorate our people and our institutions to our famous dynamism in ingenuity, entrepreneurship, scholarship, administration and Management. I am confident that people will make an informed choice about who can and will guide them to meaningful and lasting progress.

FrontPageAfrica: You are not known to have a very rich political background in Bong County, what brought you to this level?

Johnny: Politics is about people. My rich political past is rooted in the people. I’m in this senatorial race because of my people. People are the reason I’m at this level.

FrontPageAfrica: Johnny, it was wonderful talking with you. Thanks a lot.

Johnny: Lomax, thank you very much.


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