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Palmetto Giving Day is May 3 and 4. A chance to donate to organizations that are doing great work helping residents of Georgetown County. Every day we feature organizations participating in Palmetto Giving Day seeking your support. Here are three of the organizations:

Kaminski House Museum
The Kaminski House Museum, Kossove Lawn and Terrace are considered “happy places” by locals and tourists visiting historic Georgetown, South Carolina. Our lawn is the site where generations of triggerfish take pictures. Couples from all over the region said their vows on the lawn under our sprawling Angel Oaks.
For the past few years, children have joined us in telling stories on Family Fun and Literacy Day. Our designer showcase and holiday lights create a season of magic at the Kaminski House Museum. We hope you have fond memories of “your happy place” at one of the Kaminski House Museum programs or events, as we ask for your support during this critical time in our Museum’s history.

PI Civic Club Child Development
In 1970, many parents were starting careers, which took them away from home for long hours every day. This meant that children would be left with siblings, grandparents, babysitters, or whoever could babysit the child while the parent(s) pursued a career. It was then that a small group of concerned citizens of Pawleys Island recognized the need for educational and social development of children from an early age. This was the birth of our mission: to reach as many children as possible to give them a good start in life and to have a place where parents can feel good and safe about leaving their child behind.

Lions Eye Services
For more than half a century, Lions Vision Services has been a leader in providing access to adequate vision health services to all South Carolina residents. Today, we empower blind and visually impaired people in low-income families to live safe, meaningful and fulfilling lives through vision health services, including affordable eye surgeries, low-vision equipment, eyeglasses and hearing aids.
Using the power of collaboration, we partner with more than 80 ophthalmologists, anesthesiologists, and surgical centers across the state to get discounted rates on our services, allowing us to take every donated dollar and turn it into 4 dollars of services for our customers.
The number of blind and visually impaired people in South Carolina is expected to double by 2030. Without effective intervention, the prevalence of diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, glaucoma, and age-related macular degeneration will add unprecedented stresses to an already resource-strapped and already taxed healthcare system with a $2-3 billion economic impact caused by poor vision health.
The effective intervention that will curb these tendencies starts with you:
You can share vision health information with the public by engaging on our social media channels.
You can make a donation to LVS that will save sight and increase our capacity for growth.
You can prioritize sight in your social, moral, intellectual, relational and financial capital and help us create a better, brighter and more equitable world where we all see and see the best in each other.
Click here to see a video about Lions sight services


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