Mozambique: Nyusi invites Italy to invest in the northern region


Maputo — Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi has expressed interest in seeing Italy fund the Program for Resilience and Integrated Development of the Northern Region (PREDIN) which aims to promote the restoration of basic conditions for economic and social development sustainable development in northern Mozambique, following the terrorism that has raged in parts of the province of Cabo Delgado.

Nyusi, who was speaking on Tuesday evening in Maputo, at the state banquet offered in honor of his Italian counterpart, Sergio Mattarella, who is on a state visit to Mozambique, explained that with the programme, the government intends to accelerate the inclusive process and sustainable socio-economic development of the northern region of the country, in order to reduce poverty and vulnerability and to discourage young people from being attracted by terrorist groups.

“The implementation of PREDIN requires financial resources and we are sure that Italy, always a friend of Mozambique, will play a crucial role,” the president said.

Experience, Nyusi said, shows that terrorism cannot be fought through military operations alone. Therefore, the government approved PREDIN.

The combined efforts of the Mozambican Defense and Security Forces and their Rwandan counterparts, as well as the Southern African Development Community Military Mission (SAMIM) and military training actions coordinated by the European Union, dictated the recovery of certain areas and the destruction of bases previously occupied by terrorists.

The PREDIN includes actions to increase the military capacity of the defense forces, support to countries committing their forces on the ground, as well as the provision of humanitarian assistance to more than 850,000 internally displaced people. and infrastructure rehabilitation.

“We would like to express our deep gratitude to Italy, which has joined the European Union military training mission, once again placing itself alongside Mozambique in the fight against a complex and transnational phenomenon: terrorism and violent extremism,” Nyusi said.

For his part, Mattarella stressed that there is no indifference when people’s dignity is violated, adding that “Mozambique has always had an intelligent and active partnership on all issues of bilateral relations with Italy. , including the fight against poverty and climate change”.

In Cabo Delgado, Italian energy company Eni leads the consortium that owns the floating platform Coral Sul in the deepwater block Rovuma Basin Area 4, where huge deposits of natural gas have been discovered.


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