My Little Morphée review – make bedtime more peaceful and relaxing


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  • Advantages

    • Very portable
    • Easy to use for toddlers
    • Lots of choices so it’s never boring

    The inconvenients

    • Expensive
    • Young children may have difficulty following the meditations

    Our My Little Morpheus review will help you decide if this portable kids sleep aid is right for your little one.

    Whether you are working on establishing a sleep routine for your baby or looking for a product to help you overcome sleep regression, a baby sleep aid is just what you need.

    My Little Morpheus is a non-digital, screenless sleeping pill for children aged three to eight. It offers 192 different “meditative trips” to help children relax, unwind, calm down and fall asleep. Children can choose from soothing animal-themed stories, gentle musical tracks, solo or group meditations, and nature sounds recorded from different places around the planet.

    My Little Morphée is recommended by relaxation and sleep professionals. It is much more than a white noise machine. In addition to helping children fall asleep, My Little Morpheus can be used throughout the day to help create moments of calm and tranquility and has been designed to support a child’s emotional development through meditation, which helps focus and promotes emotional versatility and confidence.


    How we tested it

    Weighs: 0.6 kg| Age: 3-8

    This review of My Little Morpheus is based on the full comments of our critical parent, Tara Joseph, and her three-and-a-half-year-old daughter Noa.


    My Little Morphée is easy to use for the little ones. You turn the first key to select the theme for the session, followed by the second key to choose where to “visit” – an island, desert or forest. Finally, you use the hourglass slider to set the duration of the session – you can choose between 8 or 16 minutes.

    My Little Morpheus is appealing to the touch – so it makes a refreshing change from using on-screen sleep apps. It is well known that smartphones are not compatible with good sleep hygiene, so ditching blue light and waves in favor of something pleasant to watch and touch is a compelling alternative.

    Tara, whose comments inspired this My Little Morpheus review, loved the gorgeous look of My Little Morpheus and also appreciated the portability of the gadget, meaning her daughter was able to carry it around the house.

    “My Little Morpheus is easy to use, and in a few days my daughter was able to use it on her own to choose an animal and a setting to create different stories”, explains Tara.

    “It looks great and is stylish, small and easily transportable. It is light, so my daughter was able to carry it everywhere.

    Tara also appreciated how much Noa enjoyed playing with the device herself.

    “It’s fun for kids to use themselves, creates a relaxing environment at bedtime to help them fall asleep.”

    Comfort and functionality

    There are nearly 200 audio options to choose from, with animals representing various themes such as happiness, courage, and curiosity, while nature sounds, music, and meditations help kids relax and unwind. to calm their emotions.

    In her review of My Little Morpheus, Tara noted how many audio options were available for Noa to listen to, and says the two enjoyed listening to the relaxing tones of the narrators together, which contributed to a calmer bedtime routine.

    “There are several options to choose from – each animal may have a story based on a different environment,” she adds. “The stories were calming and read in a soft tone. The soothing sounds are great for creating a relaxing bedtime environment. Two different options allow for a longer bedtime routine or a longer story if it takes time for your child to fall asleep.

    Value for money

    This product is definitely on the higher end of the price spectrum, and Tara thinks that is reflected in its eye-catching design.

    “It’s a high-end product – especially in its design aspects,” she comments. “The meditation feature is a premium feature for older children. “

    The main downside for Tara was that her daughter wasn’t old enough to get the most out of it, but she says it would be a fantastic product for kids over the age of five who need help relaxing before they go. to go to bed.

    “I think slightly older children will get more out of the device,” she adds. “It’s a great product, but I think my daughter was a little too young for it. While she liked picking out the different stories, she didn’t engage with what the actual story told her – like “now close your eyes” – but the overall calming nature of the stories helped her get along with it. fall asleep.


    “It’s fun for the kids to use on their own. It creates a relaxing bedtime environment to help them fall asleep, and it looks great in a nursery or a child’s room.


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