No worries about mixing vaxxed and non-vaxxed students



Security guards check students’ temperatures as they enter the grounds of Signal Hill High School on Monday. Photo by David Reid

HAT Secretary of Health, Welfare and Family Development Tracy Davidson-Celestine says she has not received any complaints from parents and others about vaccinated students mingling with their uninvolved peers. vaccinated in schools in Tobago.

Following a directive from the Ministry of Education, last week, physical classes for vaccinated and unvaccinated high school students in grades 4, 5 and 6 began on Monday. Vaccinated and unvaccinated students of forms one to three should resume face-to-face classes in January.

During the division’s virtual health briefing on Tuesday, Davidson-Celestine said: “I haven’t received any complaints. I have not received any concerns regarding vaccinated and unvaccinated students interacting in respective schools across Tobago.

She said the Education, Innovation and Energy Division, led by Marslyn Melville-Jack, was working with schools to ensure all covid19 protocols are in place and that all students, vaccinated or not, follow the guidelines.

Davidson-Celestine said his division continues to encourage people to get vaccinated.

“In fact, vaccines are still available for those who would like to be vaccinated. So at this time, we are encouraging parents to ensure that children who are still not vaccinated are vaccinated so that we can avoid any major issues within schools. “

She added that the THA and the government have also responded to discussions in the public domain about discrimination against students.

“So that call would have been heard and we have now moved towards opening schools so that everyone can have the same physical and face-to-face teaching. “

Earlier, Davidson-Celestine said 62% of the island’s population was partially vaccinated.

THA Secretary of Health, Welfare and Family Development Tracy Davidson-Celestine. File photo / David Reid

“We’re talking about a target population of 36,000 out of the 60,000 we have now. Of this population, we have since vaccinated 22,354 people with the first dose of the vaccine and an additional 57% of the target population, or 20,352 people on this island (who) are fully vaccinated at this stage. “

She said the 36,000 people targeted included vaccinated students.

There are approximately 6,000 students eligible for the Pfizer covid19 vaccine.

“And so at this point, we have about 51% of the student population vaccinated – 51% out of 70%, or 2,160 out of 4,200 target population, and we have 1,514 school-age students. who are now fully vaccinated. This represents 36% of the target population we work with.


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