Northborough and Southborough schools are sponsoring a series of family webinars


NORTHBOROUGH/SOUTHBOROUGH – Northborough and Southborough Public Schools are sponsoring a series of webinars for parents to support family and teen wellbeing.

The district recently announced the effort, saying it is committed to supporting the social, emotional, and academic development and well-being of its students.

Staff noted that rates of anxiety, depression and social isolation are at all time highs among children and teens.

The series kicked off on May 31 with a webinar on mental health, suicidality and child support.

The next session was held on June 7. This session focused on keeping children safe online and preventing cyberbullying. He was to introduce staff from Worcester County Attorney’s Office Joseph D. Early Jr.

The series will now end on June 14 with a session on building healthy habits to improve physical and emotional health. Like others, this session will also take place at 7 p.m.

The webinar series features a number of district and local professionals, including District Medical Officer Safdar Medina, District Wellness Officer Mary Ellen Duggan, District Social and Emotional Learning Coordinator Jennifer Lipton -O’Connor, the Director of Counseling Services at Castlebrook Kerrie Toole and Southborough Youth and Family Services Sarah Cassell.

The webinars are recorded.

To register for the third and final event, visit

Any questions can be sent to Lipton-O’Connor at [email protected].


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