Nutritional preparation underway at the Citadel as cadets return to school


CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) – The fall semester is fast approaching, and preparation for nutrition at the Citadel Military College is well underway.

The school works hand in hand with expert nutritionists to develop the perfectly balanced diet for their cadets.

The Citadel’s regional nutritionist, Cristina Caro, explains that with the physical demands on their bodies being so intense, all of their menus have been planned around performance.

The Citadel has contracted Sodexo which provides on-campus dining ranging from retail, concession stands at sporting events, and traditional resident restaurants.

When students are living away from home, especially for the first time, Caro says they can fall into a food rut by eating the familiar stuff and getting exhausted quickly.

Therefore, back to school is important for her and the culinary team to introduce students to a variety of foods that will help them succeed.

Caro says stress and anxiety are key to managing as a student and nutrition plays a role.

“Our bodies really prefer to follow a schedule, so it wouldn’t just be a meal schedule but a sleep schedule. Rest is important for rejuvenation and our immune function,” says Caro.

If students can’t seem to find a schedule to eat, Caro recommends on-the-go snacks that hydrate to help students get through the day.

Students can get in touch with nutritionist Christina Caro if they have questions or want to develop a specific plan for their lifestyle. You can find Cristina Caro on Instagram at @the_mobile_dietitian.

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