Ogun Tackles Poor Reading Culture With Modern Facilities



By Bianca Iboma-Emefu

President, The Conference of Presidents and Directors of Public Libraries, Mr Giwa Franklin, called the poor reading culture among young people in Nigeria worrying, begging the government to save the day by developing and equipping libraries with modern facilities. that would attract young people.

Giwa said that the development of the public library has not only suffered from long-standing neglect, but has also been poorly funded, inadequate staff, lack of modern equipment in public libraries, non-conductive library environment , devoid of interesting recreational and online facilities, which will attract people to read for intellectual research, encourage writing development skills, collecting knowledge, among others, are among the challenges facing the sub-sector .

According to him, the Ogun State Government has introduced a new innovation which has resulted in a complete restructuring, re-modification and reorganization of the State Library to achieve the goal set for the development of education of State.

He highlighted some of the steps taken by the current administration in restructuring the state library, which includes; the introduction of an ICT-based library with print, software and internet facilities where people can easily access information without stress, encourage the electronic community where everyone will be computer savvy, promote a paperless library , scan all books and bibliographies, create virtual links to approximately 100 system computers where over 7,250 documents are uploaded to the server for all readers in the state.

The director of the library said that in the area of ​​workforce development, the staff of the state library has received the first training and retraining of its kind on modern librarianship. He revealed that the current administration had helped expose staff to major conferences and workshops, in order to increase their knowledge and skills, especially in library management and human resources, where some of them between them have just completed a specialized training on the development of modern libraries in Kano State.

Giwa, who is also the director of the board of directors of the Ogun State Library, said the state is also engaged in a complete restructuring and beautification of the Ijebu-Ode and Simon libraries. Adebo in Abeokuta in accordance with the world standard, while other libraries in Sagamu, Ikenne, Ilaro and Ota have not been left out in the ongoing restructuring as work has been completed to transform them into a worthy edifice. name.

He explained that some of them had been completely refitted with new chairs among other basic facilities, such as installing computers to ensure full capacity, noting that for a long time the public library of the State had been neglected and left underdeveloped by the previous administration. , hailed Governor Abiodun’s resolve to elevate the lost glory of public libraries across the state by making them conducive to encouraging intellectual development and promoting academic prowess among the state’s youth.

He added that Governor Abiodun’s sincere interest in the development of public libraries has led to the resuscitation of the matching funding that was last disbursed in 1998, claiming that his administration through the Ministry of Education , Science and Technology had resolved to end the bad reading culture affecting the patronage of public libraries in the State through the strategic implementation of laudable policies that would further make the public library more attractive and conducive intellectual leisure, university research and socio-economic development of the state.

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