Opening of Ironwood Academy in Franklin


photo of Ironwood Academy

Ironwood Academy, a private, non-denominational, Christian educational program for K-12 grades, held a groundbreaking ceremony for its new campus at 405 Duke Drive in Franklin. The 12,000 square foot building is ideally located in the thriving Aspen Grove park, just off Seaboard Lane. The school offers campus tours and shadow days for all students who wish to experience a “day at Ironwood”.

Ironwood’s hybrid model offers the best of an affordable and academically sound private school for parents who have considered teaching their children at home, but may not be comfortable teaching all of them. the subjects. Ironwood hires certified teachers with master’s or doctoral degrees. level diplomas to teach all courses using a variety of programs that meet or exceed state standards. Similar to university, core classes meet two days a week, Tuesday and Thursday, with an optional Wednesday for students, allowing students of all ages to spend more time with family and exploring. various areas of interest that develop their unique talents and giftedness. Ironwood has partnered with the RobotiX Institute to offer Python programming and VEX robotics and offers an artistic enrichment program on Wednesdays open to all students in the region.

Ironwood worked with national Christian child development expert Dr. Joshua Straub to organize a one-of-a-kind Emotional Intelligence (EQ) program that will be taught to all students in Kindergarten to Grade 12. . The goal of Ironwood Academy is to provide an emotionally safe environment in which students (and parents) will be given specific tools to identify and regulate emotions and, just as important, to recognize and respect the feelings of others. The program will include training in neurobiological concepts relating to the structure, development and function of the brain; healthy problem solving and coping skills; cognitive flexibility and language processing; as well as teaching and practicing listening and social skills.

Dr Josh Straub commented: “The EQ program is at the intersection of psychology and spirituality, providing essential life skills that are rarely taught in schools. When Google discovered a few years ago that ‘soft skills’ – meaning empathy, emotional security and emotional intelligence – were the main characteristics of its most productive teams, it started. to change the way we think about how we prepare students today. Ironwood is at the forefront of this movement.

Terry Morris, Executive Director of Ironwood Academy, added: “I often hear parents complain that they rarely have enough time with their children. Children are stressed, depressed and anxious when they go to school five days a week with evening homework hours and have neither the time nor the opportunity to develop other interests. Too much peer pressure and influence. The extracurricular activities that are so important to creating whole and balanced human beings have been neglected in the public school system. Our flexible model helps children identify and explore their passions, whether in music, dance, athletics, fine art or as entrepreneurs, while giving them a solid academic foundation. Many students will go to college; some may choose another route in a trade or start a business. Our job is to equip young adults to pursue their own paths to success. The EQ program Josh will teach, combined with strong academics in math, science, language arts, and history, will produce intelligent, happy, and productive individuals.


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