Ortega nationalizes former Taiwanese ambassador and his wife, in the aftermath of diplomatic ties


Through testimonies published in La Gaceta on Friday, December 10, Daniel Ortega’s regime announced the nationalization of Chen Mu-wu, the former ambassador of the Republic of Taiwan, a country with which Nicaragua severed diplomatic relations the day before. Likewise, in the same Official Gazette publication, citizen Chun Qiao Wu Liu, the diplomat’s wife, was also officially nationalized.

Among the considerations, the certificate states that “Citizen Chen Moo-Woo, of Taiwanese nationality, has complied with the requirements and formalities prescribed by law to obtain Nicaraguan nationality, subject to his continued residence in the national territory for fourteen year ; contribute to social development,
economic, technological, educational and cultural of the country through his administration in which he held a diplomatic post representing the Republic of China and Taiwan in the Republic of Nicaragua; Strengthening of international relations, friendship, integration and solidarity between the two countries

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In the case of Ms. Chun Qiao Wu Liu, the certificate of nationalization states that “Citizen Chun Qiao Wu Liu, a Taiwanese citizen, has complied with the requirements and procedures established by law to obtain Nicaraguan citizenship, subject to the takes into account that it has been continuous and uninterrupted in the national territory for a period of fourteen in general, Contribute with her husband, Chen-Mo Wu, to the social, economic, technological, educational and cultural development of the country through his administration where he held the diplomatic post representing the Republic of China and Taiwan in the Republic of Nicaragua; Likewise, it has strengthened international relations in friendship.

He ended his career in the diplomatic corps

On November 12, Jaime Chin Mu and his wife received the keys to the city of Managua and were named “special guests” by the mayor of Ortega Rena Rueda and the vice-mayor Enrique Armas.

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During the tribute, the ambassador of Taiwan, accustomed in recent years to launching projects and appearing in the propaganda media of images of the dictatorship of Ortega Murillo, indicated that it was a few days away from putting an end to it. to his diplomatic mission in the country, but also to his career abroad. .

The nationalization of the two citizens was announced less than 24 hours after Foreign Minister Denis Moncada announced the severance of diplomatic relations with the Asian island.

Twenty-four days ago, on November 16, Moncada awarded the Order of José de Marcoleta, the rank of Grand Cross, to Qin Mu Wu. The edition of La Gaceta dated March 14, 2011, by Agreement Presidential 69-2011, indicates that the same order was given to the diplomat at the end of his term as ambassador.

The diplomat began his diplomatic mission to Nicaragua in 2007, when Ortega returned to the presidency of Nicaragua, and remained there until 2011, according to the official media outlet El 19 Digital. In July 2017, he presented for the second time elegant copies of his credentials as Taiwanese Ambassador to Nicaragua.

On November 5, 1990, when democracy was restored in Nicaragua by Violetta Barrios de Chamorro, the country resumed diplomatic relations with Taiwan until December 9, 2021.

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In this way, Ortega ended the friendship between Nicaragua and Taiwan which he consecrated as private, which is why he ordered every June 16 to hold it, and on April 12, 2018 he ordered to l ‘National Assembly to approve a decree. It is called “The Day of Friendship between the Republic of Nicaragua and China Taiwan”.

“The Government of the Republic of Nicaragua declares that it recognizes the existence of one China in the world. The People’s Republic of China is the only legitimate government representing all of China, and Taiwan is an inalienable part of Chinese territory.

Vice President and spokesperson Rosario Murillo celebrated the decision on Friday. “He reiterated the historic link not only between governments, but also between parties, the FSLN and the Chinese Communist Party” and added that “China is a superpower which is admired around the world.”

The signing of the document for the resumption of diplomatic relations with mainland China was the responsibility of Lauriano Ortega Murillo, son of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo and presidential advisor for investments, trade and international cooperation, who arrived from Russia to China to sign with him. Counselor in China, Ma Zhaoxu.

The document was signed in Tianjin, and besides Ortega Murillo, the delegation consists of his older brother, Rafael Ortega Murillo, presidential delegate, and Ivan Acosta, Minister of Finance and Public Credit, according to official media information. This is the same delegation that was in Russia a few days ago.


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