Pakistan calls on international community to act immediately as Afghanistan heads for chaos



Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday called on the global community to take immediate action as Afghanistan suffers from deteriorating health care, education and the humanitarian situation.

“Unless action is taken immediately, Afghanistan is heading for chaos. Any government when it cannot pay the salaries of civil servants, doctors and nurses, any government will collapse. But chaos is not for anyone. It certainly does not suit the United States, ”Khan said in his keynote address at the 17th extraordinary session of the Council of Foreign Ministers of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation held in Islamabad.

The prime minister said that if the Afghan government remains unable to fight terrorism, other countries may face its repercussions as well.

Convened by Saudi Arabia as OIC President and hosted by Pakistan to discuss the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, the session brings together around 20 foreign ministers, 10 deputy foreign ministers and 70 delegates.

Mentioning ISIL’s presence in Afghanistan and the terrorist attacks inside Pakistan across the Afghan border, the prime minister said the only way to deal with the terrorist group was a stable Afghanistan. He said ISIS was capable of carrying out international attacks, he added.

The Prime Minister said Pakistan also had the same concern after facing the biggest collateral damage from the war in Afghanistan with the loss of 80,000 people and the shattered economy, and the displacement of 3.5 million people. .

The Prime Minister welcomed the delegates to Pakistan and ironically said that Pakistan hosted the OIC debate in Afghanistan 41 years ago, as no country suffered as much from conflict as Afghanistan.

He said the situation in Afghanistan was also caused by years of corrupt government, suspension of foreign aid, freezing of foreign assets and dysfunction of the banking system which could lead to the collapse of any state. .

He said if the world did not act in time it would lead to “the greatest human-made disaster”.

The Prime Minister said that the OIC has a huge responsibility as it is also our religious duty to support the Afghan brothers who are suffering.

The prime minister urged the world not to tie their support to the Taliban rather that they should think of 40 million people.

However, he also said that the Taliban should also understand that forming an inclusive government, respecting human rights, especially of women, and banning the use of Afghan soil for terrorism in other countries would pave the way for international aid to Afghanistan.

He also referred to his meeting with the interim Afghan foreign minister during which he categorically made sure to comply with all the aforementioned conditions.

The Prime Minister, however, called on the international community to be sensitive to cultural traditions in Afghanistan as well as neighboring regions of Pakistan, especially with regard to the education of girls.

He said that if their traditions were violated, families would never send their daughters to school even if prompted, but would gladly do so without any allowance if they felt satisfied.

The prime minister said any chaos in Afghanistan would lead to a mass exodus of refugees that would be unaffordable for Pakistan rather than any developing country.

He said that developed countries had a problem even with a few thousand refugees, so how could a developing country like Pakistan take in hundreds of thousands.

The prime minister appreciated the Islamic Development Bank’s proposal for an immediate and long-term support mechanism for Afghanistan and hoped the debate would come up with an appropriate roadmap to deal with the situation.

He also called for a unified response from the OIC on the issues of Kashmir and Palestine where people were fighting for their democratic rights also guaranteed by the United Nations.

The prime minister said the refugee crisis exacerbated the phenomenon of Islamophobia when terrorism and Islam were linked by the West, causing Western Muslims to suffer.

The prime minister said that the absence of any intellectual response to such a situation also led to the situation as the West’s attitude towards religion was different.

He said Pakistan had formed a Rahmatullil Alamin Authority to coordinate with Muslim scholars around the world to examine the intellectual response to topics such as cartoons or insults of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) to make it clear to the West how Muslims worshiped him.

In addition, the Authority would also uplift the morality and ethics of the society by teaching Seeratun Nabi (PSL) to the people besides bringing unity to the society.



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