Parenting in a Pandemic: How to Motivate Kids to Follow Their Dreams

Jap Tobias –

October 29, 2021 | 11:05

MANILA, Philippines – When a new school year opens, our children are excited to wear their school uniforms, attend the first flag ceremony and meet their teachers and classmates. However, things have been different over the past two years.

One study cites that the COVID-19 pandemic has produced risk factors for healthy development in children, as an effect of social isolation and the shift to online learning.
UNICEF also reports that more than 40 million children worldwide have not benefited from early childhood care during these critical years of their mental, social and emotional development.

Despite this, Filipino children continue to work to achieve their dreams of becoming a doctor, a teacher or even an athlete! As parents, we are all on the bridge so that they are not exhausted and demotivated.

We cannot let this pandemic stop our children from being the best they can be! Here are five things we can do to keep them energized and motivated:

1. Recognize the situation

The past two years have confined our children to their homes, depriving them of many of the opportunities that a child should know. The first and most important thing we should do is recognize how they are dealing with the situation. This way we can better understand and support them.

2. Set aside time and complete your goals hand in hand

Children really appreciate it when they can feel that their parents are with them despite their busy schedules. This can be done through collaborative parenting in which parents help children with their chores and homework, instead of doing everything for them.

This, in the long run, can help them be more independent and self-reliant.

3. Celebrate small wins together

We often forget how important minor things can be for children. Whether it’s as easy as finishing homework or as important as receiving an award in school, many children find validation for their efforts when parents celebrate their progress with them.

4. Team up for certain physical activities

Sports clinics have become a part of our childhood and have helped to develop sportsmanship, cooperation and competitiveness. But with the closure of playgrounds and gymnasiums, today’s kids are being denied the experience of signing up.

Don’t worry, there are still ways to team up with your child and play in your own field. Link to digital sports programs from various world-class organizations and athletes.

5. Give them energy for the day with MILO

Remember when MILO trucks would visit schools and give kids a chocolate milk energy drink? Let’s not let the pandemic stop this tradition by making MILO part of our children’s daily dose of motivation!

Supporting our children in their goals means giving them the nutrition they need to keep growing and winning. This is what we can do by starting their days the right way, giving them champion energy with MILO!

The NEW MILO for the journey of our children’s champions

As a companion to raising champions, MILO brings a new vision of the winning combination of chocolate, milk and champion energy nutrients: Promalt, iron and B vitamins through the NEW MILO!

While staying true to the delicious MILO taste that has been loved for generations, the NEW MILO less than 1 gram of table sugar also provides Champion energy nutrients to help our little champions stay active and energized!

For just P12, NEW MILO less than 1 gram of table sugar provides the right amount of energy to push and motivate children to their best. Children can stay motivated to achieve their goals, regardless of the circumstances.

Despite the pandemic, our children can still be the champions we know are capable of. As parents, and with MILO, let’s support and accompany our children in their journey of champion by giving them motivation and good nutrition!

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