Pawn shops see business recovery around Christmas



The holiday shopping season means stores around Calgary are inundated with people looking for the perfect gift.

Christmas can be a financial strain on people and local pawn shops are also seeing an upturn in business during the holidays.

“Sometimes [people] need more money this time of year because they have the same monthly budget and of course Christmas doesn’t happen every month so it’s something they need to ‘extra money,’ said John Sanford, co-owner of Rocky Mountain Pawn Shop.

Sanford says people come to the store during the holidays to swap or trade unwanted items, make vacation purchases, or get a loan to help with vacation expenses.

“Sometimes what they do is they come in and maybe pawn their expensive watch and they buy jewelry for their wives and maybe some kind of electronics for their kids,” he said. he declared.

Websites like Kijiji are also seeing more pre and post Christmas traffic.

“People would rather not get caught giving a new gift, so they’re probably posting those articles on Kijiji that they might already have or aren’t interested in,” said Shawn McIntyre, Community Relations Manager for Kijiji Canada. .

Sanford says pawn shops can stay very busy until the end of Christmas, either serving up items they don’t want or applying for a quick loan after getting their credit card statements after the holidays.

Maybe that expensive watch they bought over Christmas, we’ll lend them money in January, and then they’ll probably get it back in February, ”Sanford said.



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