Philosophy House in Fujairah aims to revive critical thinking in the Arab world


Fujairah Fort is a historical monument and is known for its struggle against colonialism.

Mohammad Yusuf, Feature Writer

The House of Philosophy in Fujairah was inaugurated as a center of philosophical and pioneering activity in the Arab Gulf countries and the Arab world in general.

It aims to rekindle critical thinking and instill aesthetic analysis in new generations of intellectuals and creatives in the United Arab Emirates, as well as to study pressing and troubling issues facing Arab countries, such as the marginalization of women, the declining role of scientific research and to publish philosophical books and pamphlets to raise awareness, among others.

The faculty and members strive to make the House, metaphorically speaking, as high as the Hajar Mountains and as strong as the fort of Fujairah.

Dr. Ahmed Barqawi is Dean of the House of Philosophy and Ahmed El Samahi is Director of the House of Philosophy. They provide answers to questions from Gulf Today

What is the history of Philosophy House in Fujairah?

With the establishment of the United Arab Emirates in the early 1970s and the beginning of the renaissance of construction, development, progress and exponential growth of the education sector, the philosophy was present in the high school curricula and in the faculties of arts of the United Arab Emirates University. . However, at one time, philosophy programs were not present for many years.


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Next, attention was drawn to the absence of philosophy as an important subject of intellectual development; therefore, it was decided to reintroduce philosophy programs. The College of Arts and Humanities was established in Abu Dhabi and the Department of Philosophy was opened in the college.

Under the patronage of His Highness the Crown Prince of the Emirate of Fujairah, the House of Philosophy was opened as a center of philosophical activity; it is considered the first initiative of its kind in the Gulf and the Arab world.

The House of Philosophy is different from the philosophical societies prevalent in the world because the Philosophical Societies represent a kind of gatherings, where a group of people work in philosophy and are active on that basis, while the House of Philosophy in Fujairah is a science-based institution. and an administrative body.

What is the mission of the House of Philosophy?

Philosophy House, as I mentioned, is an institution that seeks to spread philosophical awareness not only in the UAE, but also in the Middle East as a whole.

ahmed al samahi 1 Ahmed Al Samahi is Director, Philosophy House.

We have determined the objectives of Philosophy House as follows:

* Publish philosophy books and pamphlets that focus on topics of spreading philosophical awareness such as enlightenment, modernity, humanism, tolerance, and much more.

* Hold a series of philosophical lectures related to the theoretical possession of reality, either face-to-face lectures or online lectures.

* Publish a magazine consistently to present philosophical topics and ideas of Arab philosophers, wherever they are in the world.

* Regularly organize philosophy lectures and seminars in the emirate of Fujairah and other emirates in the United Arab Emirates

What can you tell us about your achievements?

At Philosophy House, we take great pride in highlighting the achievements we have successfully made to date and in a very short time.

ahmed al barqawi 2 Ahmed Al Barqawi is the Dean of the House of Philosophy.

He understands:

* During the first year of the establishment of Philosophy House, six booklets introducing medieval Arabic philosophy were published in the form of the following books: Al-Kindi, Al-Farabi, Ibn Sina, Ibn Bajjah, Ibn Tufail and Ibn Rushd .

* For the first time in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad bin Mohammed Al Sharqi, Crown Prince of Fujairah, Philosophy House organized a two-day conference titled “Fujairah International Conference of Philosophy” to celebrate World Philosophy Day.

Many Arab philosophers were invited to give lectures, debate and discuss the topic titled “From Question to Problem”. In addition, a special debate on youth and philosophy took place.

* The first issue of philosophical journal was published with the contribution of many Arab philosophers.

* This year, the most significant activities were

The creation of the Philosophical Circle of Fujairah, as the brain of the House of Philosophy; members of this circle currently include Dr. Ahmed Barqawi, Fathi Al-Triki, Mohamed Mahjoub, Hassan Hammad, Anwar Moghith, Mohamed Mesbahi, Musa Barhouma and the former Algerian Minister of Culture, Ms. Malika Bendouda.

* The second Philosophy Magazine has been published by Philosophy House and the third magazine is in preparation.

* The Necessity of Philosophy book has been published.

* The start of a project to publish a series of booklets entitled Questions de philosophie.

* Philosophy House participated in the 2022 Abu Dhabi International Book Fair.

What do you think of the importance of philosophy today and in the future?

Philosophy, as I mentioned at the beginning, is the science of logical and realistic thinking. He diligently seeks to answer the most important problems associated with man, from the search for the purpose of his existence to the mystery of his destiny and his self-awareness, to the challenges of his happiness, to the study of the factors of his alienation.

We hear that you are preparing a special seat for Philosophy House… The Arab world will see the first seat of a Philosophy House in the emirate of Fujairah. It will be a center of Arab and international enlightenment, as the venue will include administrative offices, a spacious conference room and a one-of-a-kind specialized library for philosophy books.

We collect books of Arab and Western philosophical heritage. In addition, we are opening a philosophical café space at the headquarters, which will form a community bringing together local and Arab philosophers and philosophy lovers, as well as young people.


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