Polkadot nursery in Pershore named ‘inadequate’ by Ofsted


A nursery in Worcestershire has been branded ‘inadequate’ by Ofsted because staff were unaware of a child being upset in the toilet during the inspection.

Polkadot Childcare was found to be “inadequate” in personal development as well as leadership and management.

While the quality of education and behaviors and attitudes were rated as “good”, the overall published rating is “insufficient”.

The inspectors found that the safety and well-being of the children was not ensured and that they were not sufficiently protected.

They said: “Staff allow children in the preschool room to independently access and use the attached bathroom.

“However, the deployment of staff is ineffective during this time and does not ensure that children are in sight or in hearing.

“It compromises the safety of children.

“For example, on the day of the inspection, staff were unaware that a child was upset in the bathroom and were unable to tell how long they had been there.

“This bad practice not only puts children at risk, but also compromises their emotional well-being.

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“The poor supervision of children has a direct impact on their personal, social and emotional development.

“Having said that, the director and staff clearly understand that play is essential to nurturing children’s development.

“They offer a rich range of activities to help children develop their curiosity, and children become immersed in their play and learning.”

However, alongside these criticisms, inspectors praised the crèche, located at Station Road in Pershore, for the children’s imagination, creativity and interest in the world around them.

Inspectors added: “Children are keen to share their thoughts and enjoy using new vocabulary.

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“They learn to negotiate by voting for their favorite book. The children are well behaved and caring about others.

“However, they have few opportunities to learn about the cultural diversity within the group and the wider community.

A spokesperson for the nursery said: “Although we are extremely disappointed with our recent Ofsted grading at Polkadot Pershore, we have given the isolated incident some thought during the inspection.

“We have taken appropriate steps to ensure that the deployment of staff continues to ensure the safety and well-being of children at all times, particularly when bathing.”


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