Premium Babbit speaker now available in North America, allowing parents to expand children’s musical experiences


RIGA, LATVIA, February 24, 2022 / — A new-to-market speaker suitable for children by Babbitt just made available to North American customers. Launched in the EU in 2020, the product has been adapted to US electronics market regulations and is now shipping to North American buyers.

Babbit is a first-class durable hi-fi speaker that allows children to listen to music independently and without a screen. The device is controlled by a series of NFC (near field communication) enabled cards which are connected to Spotify playlists and play when placed on the speaker. Babbit is interactive and intuitive enough for a toddler to use, eliminating the need for a parent to be present when a child is listening to music and encouraging free play – essential for the emotional development of a child.

The first batch of the speaker is already sold out in department stores in Northern Europe. The following batch, created with North American electrical standards in mind, is now available to order and ship to the United States and Canada.

Studies have long shown that listening to music from an early age has a positive impact on brain development, significantly benefiting language development and cognitive functions such as attention, visuo- spatial, etc. Babbit also allows you to listen to music without a screen – according to researchMinimizing screen use from an early age is essential for a child’s health and development.

“The idea behind Babbit was inspired by my own children and their great interest in music. This interest, however, led to many destroyed vinyl records and scratched CDs. But we still wanted to allow our children to have independent and interactive listening experiences (and we wanted to be free from their constant demands to play ‘Baby Shark’ for them), so we set out to create the perfect family speaker ourselves,” Aleksandrs Roga, CEO and co -founder of Babbit.

Babbit’s speaker offers full connectivity options – it plays music via Spotify, online streams, USB and unique NFC technology stickers that can be attached to kids’ favorite toys. Babbit also offers a set of expertly curated themed playlists that are attached to colorful design cards using the NFC stickers. Babbit’s music library collects various music from all over the world. It is grouped into different styles and moods, expanding the listening experience for children.

The hi-fi speaker combines audiophile-quality sound and delightful product design, ensuring that Babbit’s speaker is a visually appealing interior feature in both a child’s room and in shared spaces. a house. The design has been deliberately crafted in an aesthetic Nordic minimalist style to remain relevant regardless of the age of the children. Additionally, the speaker’s sturdy wooden body and metal speaker grilles ensure the product’s longevity and ensure that it is safe for children’s activities.

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