President Aoun signs Law 251 on loan agreement with the World Bank to support social safety net


President Michel Aoun signed Law No. 251, amending the provisions of Law No. 219 (08/04/2021), after its approval by Parliament.

Law 251 is linked to the loan agreement signed with the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development to implement the emergency project to support the social safety net responding to the Corona virus and the Lebanese economic crisis. The aforementioned law also aims to provide cash transfers and social services to poor Lebanese who live below the extreme poverty line and those affected by the economic crisis and Covid-19. Law 251 also aims to provide an immediate and effective response to deal with emergencies or crises if they arise.

Emergency project:

The emergency project has five components:

-Provide cash transfers to support the basic solution and provide funding to poor Lebanese families who are eligible to meet basic food and non-food needs.

-Provide additional cash transfers to students at risk of being unable to pay their tuition fees in public schools.

-Provide social services and strengthen the capacities and systems of the Ministry of Social Affairs and social development centers.

-Support the implementation of the social safety net program by allowing project stakeholders to provide opinions and comments and inform them about the project regulations.

– Respond to a possible emergency.

Law 251 was also signed by Prime Minister Najib Mikati and is implemented upon publication in the Official Gazette.


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